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    Sign-Up sheet.

    Full name: Syrina Romanova

    Age: 52.5

    Personality: Syrina is one odd bounty hunter. She is intelligent, and actually can be calm, and possibly even nice. She loves to see criminals suffer inhumane torture- but only by her hands. She actually does it for the money, but seeing as she does it so much, the whole violence appeal sunk into her personality. Her main hobbies are a mix of culture and barbarism. She enjoys drinking, reading, hunting, and relaxation in her manor home. She is quite stealthy- you only really see her psycho side if you battle her. Around her peers, she is quiet- unless you piss her off. She does not like people stealing her kills- it takes away the fun! She just loves to kill criminals for money, and her bounty hunting is how she lets loose some times. She, however, has some humanity. She wants another lover, as her previous lover died. She can be thoughtful, and quite loving. As long as you are not a high rank criminal, she will not kill you. She does not kill random innocents. There is no honor in that- they have no criminal past and no challenge for her. She likes to kill criminals, that’s all. She does not like over-the-top blasts, but instead prefers stealthy kills or torture. She is also a dominatrix. She is overbearing, and her tone will make you shrink a little. She is also quite bitter at the moment due to her recent tragic events. Syrina is cruel for a reason. When you are a criminal, her past reminds her of the monstrosities of murder (her lover was murdered) and she is pushed over the edge again. Although cruelty towards innocents reminds her of her parents, her hardened personality really leaves no room for guilt. Syrina may be best marked for her cynicism and biting remarks.

    Syrina is not a perfect moral person, however. She embodies Greed, Lust and Wrath. Although her ego isn’t inflated, her anger, and her dominating attitude, can be grating at times. Her worst weakness is her past- her occasional insanity eliminates her normally perfect rationale. With her recent tragedies, this happens more often than not, but it has not gotten in the way of work… yet. Her anger often makes her quite insensitive- she could care less what you feel or who you are. She is too cynical and jaded to care. This is a pretty big flaw- it isolates her, and gives her the feel of a complete jerk to most people, including any coworkers. Her overbearing attitude also brings tension, which is not good for collaboration of any sort.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Armania

    Appearance: Syrina is 8’4”, and has golden skin. She is actually pretty muscular, but not totally muscular. Her long graceful arms and nimble body help make her a good fighter. She has a pretty slim and curved physique. Her shoulders are curved, and her chest juts outward and curves to a perfect spherical form. After her… noticeable chest, her body curves inward, and then a bit outward again at the hips. She is really good at jumps, and is quite flexible. Her face, like the rest of her body, is baby smooth. She has a small nose, and a charming smile. She has pointed ears, albeit small, and her mouth is relaxed and emanates a friendly presence. She has two eyes, both white in color (she can still see.) They have hexagram pupils, blue in color. Her hair is of a long style, and it flows down to her chest without obscuring her face. It is jet black with streaks of blood red mixed in. Her body, however beautiful, still has scars. Across her left eye, she has a slash scar. She also has an upside cross scar on both of her shoulders. Emblazoned across her stomach is an inverted pentagram tattoo, black in color, and a hexagram adorns her back. The backs of her legs feature the triscele, and the palms of her hands also have tattoos. There is a clockwise swastika (Nazi direction. No, I am not a Nazi, I had a Bar Mitzvah, I am a Jew. It is there for symmetry) on her left hand, and a counterclockwise swastika on her right hand. Syrina wears a revealing outfit. It is white, and only goes down to 4 inches above her bellybutton. Made of leather, and in the fishnet style, it is very revealing. It has no sleeves. This is then covered by a diamond/steel plating, to protect her body. Her hands, and a small bit of her lower arms, are covered in white leather gloves. They have golden spikes on the knuckles, and past the wrist they are made of silver chainmail. She wears a pair of blue goggles around her neck most of the time. Her pants are ragged blue jeans. Her belt, made of alligator leather, have two pockets. These pockets go down to her knees, as they hold her two guns. Both are small pistols with a machine/gatling design. They fire very rapidly, so they easily cause a lot of destruction quick. The pockets also hold her specially designed bullets. Anyways, she wears white/gold/black fur boots, made of tiger and snow leopard fur. They breathe very well, and guard Syrina’s feet.

    Well, that is what she is like… on break. In public, she wears a black velvet robe, with a large hood and a huge neckband. It looks quite generic, and it covers her face completely in shadow, so no one knows it is her. She is often, due to this, unnoticed, despite her size.
    Rank: S-Class

    Criminal Rank : B-Rank Criminal: She murdered her parents.

    History: She was born into riches, but as an illegitimate offspring. For omost of the time that she was a kid by Armanian standards, she was tormented about this fact. She had always had a nice house, nice things- anything anyone would want. But the torment drove her insane. Her tormentors were her parents, who always were restrictive and cautious due to her past. They treated her like a pet, like an inhuman beast, and they were never proud of Syrina, despite her intelligence. They were also corrupt, stealing and lying to innocent people, and supporting murderers. This turned Syrina slowly into a crazy person. She repressed her desire to kill until the night of her 35th birthday. That night, she just let it all loose. Her father had said that it was the 35th year of shame, but this time Syrina heard. She waited until her parents fell asleep, and then she killed them both with a butcher knife. The police came to find her, but she had already fled with some money, and she had faked a mass suicide in which she had an acid bath, and her parents had stabbed each other to death. Then, she had her horns surgically removed, the alleles removed, and her hair genetically altered to be black. That is what the money was for. She began robberies, which she did feel a bit guilty over, and then moved from being a nomad to settling down. She fled to the wealthy outskirts, but hung out in the slums. One night, she got drunk, and had sex with another woman. Of course, Syrina woke up, and realized she was a lesbian. Normally, there would be no stigma, but the small upper class was pretty discouraging on the subject of homosexuality. Syrina felt horrible, and was conflicted over what to choose- chastity and hiding in the closet, or shunning and being free about her lesbianism. She went with the second choice, and stopped social contact with her rich neighbors. She worked on bounty hunting for all of that time, capturing and killing criminals. She eventually had a lesbian lover, killed by an S-Rank criminal on the street one day. Syrina eventually found the man, and killed him. It has been 2 and half years since then, and Syrina is still sad about her death.

    In terms of wealth, Syrina was once quite wealthy, and she spent a lot on stocks. After the worlds economy went to crap, she lost a lot of wealth. Her clothes come from her kills in hunting, some indulgent spending, and the occasional looting of the corpses of her victims. Besides, she needed a vehicle, and the money for buying guns and the expensive crap she uses. And her house isn't exactly a shack with no electricity.

    Chi Class: Destructive.

    Abilities: She uses two gatling style pistols to fire chi at her enemies. Her specialty is her ability to use fusion in her chi. Although it developed slow, she trained hard enough on her long time as a bounty hunter to develop her specialty. She does have a lot of chi for a 21 year old, but enough to remain in a regular range for an Armania.


    Armageddon Blast: She, with her bit above normal amount and control of chi, forms two small orbs in her hands. They then grow in size, and begin to charge. They begin to multiply as well, into nuclei shapes. Then, she fires both now big nuclei of energy at the opponent.

    Gauntlet: Her chi concentrates in her hands and feet, and each hit with those causes more damage than a normal hit.
    Hurricane: Using her guns, tiny chi bullets come out of the guns and into the opponent.