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    It was Ghetsis! As I turned I saw he was speaking to Archie and Maxie. They were working together as one. I knew they were after Uxie he was the key to Giratina, this meant Maxie wasn't at Lake Valor and Archie wasn't at Lake Verity. I decided there was only one thing to do.

    "Ghetsis! Maxie! Archie!" I walked out of the bushes yelling. "A Omega, it's been so long now how have you been?" Ghetsis asked in a cunning voice. "You know why I'm here Ghetsis, I will never forgive you for what you did!", "Calm yourself my boy don't you see Maxie, Archie and I well found a new era in Pokemon and Human evolution, I call it the Era of Darkness" He claimed in a booming voice. "What are you implying Ghetsis?" I asked hesitantly, "don't you understand Omega, this was always my plan, I am going to get Dialga, Palkia and Giratina and then corrupt their souls with evil, then Arceus will have to appear to revive them, that will be when I kill it" He sounded so confident in his plan. "You're going to kill Arceus, but you'll destroy the planet!" I cried to him, "Exactly but when there is almost nothing left, then I will summon Celebi, Mew and Kyurem and turn the world into a restart, my world where I control everything!" he yelled maniacally. "You're crazy and I've taken you down before and I'll take you down again Ghetsis!" I exclaimed.

    Ghetsis, Maxie and Archie all grabbed two pokeballs each. I grabbed all my pokemon. "Hydreigon! Cohagrigus!" Ghetsis yelled "Magcargo, Camerupt" Maxie said calmly, "Milotic! Sharpedo!" Archie bellowed. "Ok then a full six on six, Flygon! Klinklang! Magmortar! Victreebel! Politoed! Houndoom! Go!" every pokemon was rearing to fight. Maxie yelled out "Camerupt use Flamethrower!", Archie's voice turned to a screech "Sharpedo now start with Hydro Pump!", Ghetsis said in an intimidating voice "Cohagrigus use Shadow Ball"...

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