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    where you can change someone into a pokeball with an item, it asks whats the number of the item you want the pokeball to contain.
    Could someone give me a list of the items next to there numbers?

    as my posts been move here. ill answer some questions.

    How to change the starters on fire red?
    Use poketronic, it has a thing on ti called firestarter. You could also check the tutorials for a hex awlkthrough, or you can use advance starter.

    Where is the prof oak sprite in unlz?
    Cant help you there i believe hes a compressed image you have to use tlp to change i think.

    What unlz number is the backsprites for emerald hero/ heroine?
    1367, 1368 is the ones on ruby. Im guessing there be near there.

    I wanna make it in a hack where a pokemon starter can follow you through the journey. How would one do this?
    Cant help you there but it would use really advance scripting, find a really good hacker and Pm them.

    Can I create a script where the boy and girl receive a mew level 2 at pallet town?
    yes but i cant help you wid that. maybe check the scripts sectio nin documents/tutorials.

    Arken Daemon try useing advance map for changing wild pokemon, its alot easier.

    manson_30 you cant walk anywhere. have you changed the move data on advance map yet. The 1s on the mpa mean solid and the Cs mean where you can walk.
    No rom in directory means you gotta put your rom in the directory. E.g. put it in the elitemap folder.

    Drake1012, you would have to change the script. Or maybe on elitemap or advancemap move where he is standing and experiment on where he turns out..say you've moved the gym 7 spaces left and 6 up do the same with the character.

    I hope this hleped any of you, sorry if it didn't/

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