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    Levina ~ Cape City Church

    Levina’s grin grew bigger as she saw more Pokemon appear around Snype. “Looks like this fight has just begun,” She giggled giddily. Levina sat and watched the group gang up on Snype for a little bit before she took off to the roof. She couldn’t stand sitting by and watching while the others had fun. Once she reached the roof she let out a laugh to draw the attention of the attackers. “You guys aren’t very bright are you? You are on top of a building and you caused it to rain. I am the embodiment of lightning you fools. I could call down a strike that would fry all of you in a second. Especially you water boy.” Levina grinned manacling at the Poliwraith before shaking her head. She glanced at Snype hoping that he understood what she was doing. She wasn’t one to gloat like that but did it in an attempt to draw the mercenaries’ attention away from him long enough that he could get in an attack on one of them. “Are you all prepared to die?” Levina hissed as her fur crackled with electricity.

    Allora ~ Cape City Prison

    Allora felt even more uneasy as more and more Pokemon appeared in the cells as they passed. ‘All these Pokemon couldn’t be crazy……could they?’ She thought as she got closer to the others. Just then a series of explosions when off through the prison; the sound making Allora jump. The worst thoughts flooded her mind as chaos ensued. Allora stood there trying to make heads or tails of the event when someone called to the group. It was a Leafeon. "Yo, Goldies! Here for your friend? I know the cell she's in. We've been keeping her alive, though we'll need to get her back to the lair to make sure she makes it. This way!" she said. It was obvious that this Pokemon must be working for Penance; only his men referred to them as Goldies. To Allora’s relief, the Leafeon said she knew where Veletra was being held. Allora snapped out of her daze when he realized Paladin and the others had followed the Leafeon without her. She sprinted to catch up with the group and about tripped a few times.

    Once reunited with the group, Allora couldn’t help but let her mind wonder a bit. ‘This has been one crazy day. And it doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon. As long as we rescue Veletra we can worry about the rest later. I hope the others are doing well. I didn’t even think about it at the time but I should’ve asked that Gallade to teach me to connect psychically with others so we could check in on them. I’ll have to remember to do that next time I see him.’ Allora let out a quiet sigh as she returned her focus back on the task at hand. They were so close to Veletra. Now wasn’t the time to get distracted.