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    Genevieve L’esprit & Scar
    “I thought I told you not to talk,” she whispered to him as he joined her, the slightest hint of teasing in her voice. “Truth be told, I mainly told you that just to arouse your interest, seems like it worked fair enough.” Turning her head to him, she gave a rather sarcastic look as if to acknowledge her victory in a battle that he probably didn’t even know he was playing in. She paused and let the sounds of the struggle below serve as conversation between them, a foreboding reminder of what was coming and what had to be done. Genevieve had no issue with the order, it was she who suggested such a thing after all. But honestly, she could see both sides and the validity of each stance as to killing or not killing the civilians. An empty empire meant that Auron was a king of dust, but it also meant there was nobody to challenge his rule. The thought of somebody challenging his rule was laughable, Genevieve couldn’t even begin to wrap her mind around it. No, it was impossible for her to think it. She was his servant, and that’s all there was to it. Nothing would permit her to think otherwise, no other reality seemed to exist in which she wasn’t.

    “Do,” she paused and thought about what she wanted to say. “Do you remember much from before the expedition?” Genevieve looked at him with curiosity and wondered if he knew what she was getting at. “You and I knew each other before then, I know that. But everything is so foggy when I try to remember. It’s like, I know where I come from and I know my parents and my history, but bits and pieces are missing that won’t let me complete the greater puzzle. Who I am now, is who I remember myself being, but that surely can’t be the case. We change and grow with time, we make mistakes, we learn from experience. It’s just...I don’t know, I’m rambling about nothing.” Looking away from him, she closed her eyes feeling the gentle breeze and the acrid smell of smoke that seemed to be awash in the air. Everything changes, expect her apparently.

    “The reason I asked you here, as I’m sure you're curious, is two fold.” She didn’t open her eyes as she continued speaking, merely having her conversation with him as if he existed with her in her mind’s eye. “Did you know, that as a child and teenager, Pokemon used to flock to me as a foreteller of events? My history is rife with occasions where others would try and use me to predict who they would marry or what the crop season would look like. So, I would tell them. Sometimes it was what they wanted to hear, other times it wouldn’t be. The thing is,” she paused and opened her eyes to look down at her hands. “Almost everything about what I told them was a lie. It was a parlor trick, deducing what little I could and coming up with an answer on the fly. Funny thing is, I was right more often than wrong. It occurs to me now, that while I have never mastered my foresight abilities, I have been using them to some small degree. Mind you, never to the best of my ability. There are Gardevoir, as legend would tell it, that can predict every minute detail up to the minute events will occur. I’ve long come to terms that I’ll never be able to do that. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t try to use it now to try and find our enemy.”

    Wiggling in her seated position, she situated herself more comfortably so that her legs were now at her side. “That’s where you come in. I will be exposed when I try to do this and I need somebody better than a couple of ancients to protect me. Sadly, you were my best option.” She smiled at her backhanded compliment, happy to still be teasing others even in dire times. “I can’t guarantee it will work, but I thought it was worth a shot.”

    She stood up and walked to the edge of the tower, looking down on the Pokemon below. It was like the ebb and flow of a tide, shuffling about and frothing with ferocity. Chaos was the order of the day and it was delightful. “There is something else, however.” She paused and turned to him, her eyes sunken and reflective on the words she was thinking about. “I’ve tried, over many months now, to see my own future. I get snippets here and there, nothing noteworthy. But every time I go further, every time I push the boundary, I see a prevailing darkness. It’s impermeable, suffocating and recurring. I can never go past it, as if nothing more exists past that point. The darkness is no longer distant, as it had seemed before. I feel on the verge of this darkness, about to cross over into it.” Crossing her arms, she looked at him square in the eyes, her own gaze unbreakable. “I think I’m about to die.”

    Scar did little talking during Genevieve's explanation of her intentions, but much listening. Many of her own views were things he had never considered thinking about. It just didn't occur to him to think about them. He knew about all of it, life before the invasion, before the expedition. Yet for some inexplicable reason, he had done very little actual thinking about it. Maybe he didn't want to think about it, as if all those memories were bad ones, and it was probably best to bottle them all up and not relive them. But another thought occurred to him. Perhaps he feared thinking about it because doing so was something he should not be doing in the first place. It was a strange thing to think. He couldn't recall the last time thinking about ones past was forbidden, but that was exactly what he felt when he tried to trail back to those thoughts. Instead of choosing to reply to Genevieve on her comments regarding them, he remained silent, continuing to listen.

    As she described her ability as a foreteller, he was a bit more interested. Though he was disappointed when she explained that they were all fibs, he questioned why she had even bothered to mention it in the first place. Though yet again, he remained silent, as he knew she wouldn't have mentioned it for no reason. She always had her reasons.

    And as he thought, her reasons had suddenly become clear again. The ability she possessed could have been used. It was a weapon, a way to track down their enemies. Scar knew all the theatrics led back to relevance eventually. Every action they took ultimately brought them back to the path of the Silver Tribe, their path. He proceeded to step up, prepared to accept her terms, and defend her as she attempted this action, but she had one more thought to share with Scar. Standing beside her now, he tensed as he tried to figure out how to respond. The tense debate that raged in his mind at that moment was not about her statement of her impending death, but rather, of his possible fate. As self-centered as he always was, Scar had suddenly started thinking about his own fate, about what would become of him. He cared little for her own, but if she truly was to die soon, would he join her? He contemplated if he wanted to find out. In the meantime, he figured he would address the other issue, attempting to put the Gardevoir's mind to rest, as he would need her fully concentrated for the task ahead.

    "You speak nonsense." Scar finally answered. "How are you about to die, and by whom? The Gold Tribe? Pah! They wouldn't be able to destroy us like they did our other comrades. There are too many of us in the city now. Your omen of your demise is utter foolishness. However...if that ability will help us find our enemies, then I will guard you while you attempt it."

    A soft scoff left Genevieve’s mouth as Scar began to open his. “I hardly need your assurances or consolation. I was simply informing you, that you lot might have to bumble along without my guidance and clairvoyance. Besides, I don’t sense it as being at the hands of the Gold Tribe. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it feels...close. Anyway,” she sighed and retook her seat once more. “I guess I should get started. I would ask that you try and keep everything as quiet as possible, hence my selection of building.

    Giving one last look to Scar, she closed her eyes and focused on the sounds and rhythms of the universe around her. The battle below, the shuffling of Scar’s feet and the rise and fall of her own breath. As she zeroed in on the present, time seemed to slow around her, each breath agonizingly long and the passing of a second turned into minutes. She couldn’t see these things of course, merely sense them. Time itself was unaffected for those on the outside of her mind, simply passing as normal. Already, her body began to show signs of distress, even after all these years, she still had never gotten the hang of the skill.

    Pushing the frame of her mind forward with a gentle nudge, time seemed to spill over on itself, jumbling together in one gigantic mess. She saw ancients ripping pokemon limb from limb, spilling even more blood in the already saturated streets. This was not the present, but a glimpse of the future. A tantalizing taste of what would come, or more accurately, ‘could’ come. Was the future she was now seeing a sure thing or merely one possible outcome. Her seeing this now, was she changing or corrupting any actions she might do then on and change this future? It was a thought that always disturbed her to some degree. Were the futures she gave others merely products of her own design that she forced them down the path of? More pressing, had she been doing the same to herself? Trying her best to push aside the thought, she soldiered on as best she could.

    Moving ever forward on the slipstream of time, she went too far, and found herself swallowed up by the cold embrace of darkness once again. Nothing existed there with her, merely nothingness. Arceus had opened his mouth and the heavens were ripped away from her, forever denying her existence in its entirety. So it seemed at least. Her body now breaking out into a cold sweat, her heart trembling and breathing heavy, she tried to rewind, to go back and find the perfect moment when she could ascertain the location she was looking for. Then, she found it, the very moment that she needed, the spot to give them the upper hand and crush the rebels. Just as she felt her body coming back out of her trance, she found herself unable to breath and she fainted into temporary darkness, not unlike the permanent one that ever waited for her return.

    "Hey!" Scar exclaimed, standing up and approaching the body of the Gardevoir after her psychic fiasco she had just displayed. He began to shake her awake, clearly impatient. He continued to shake her roughly, trying to awaken her from her current state. "Now's not the time for a slumber! We've got work to do. Did you see anything?"

    Light began to seep through the darkness, calling to her like a voice from on high. It was not the voice of one calling her home, but to her senses. Her whole body shook, but it took her a moment to realize that it was not her own convulsions, but an exterior force being exerted upon her. She was immediately annoyed, and glad for his presence. Eyes fluttering open, she slowly rose a hand to tell Scar that she had quite enough of his shaking. She would probably be brain damaged if he had continued any longer. Laying there, the floor cold beneath her, she tried to speak, but was too weak to do so. Looking up at Scar, she extended her psychic presence into him, crashing through whatever little defense his mind had against such intrusions. Non-psychics were so easy that way. She began to speak with him in his mind, her voice resonating through the recesses there in.

    “I-I’ve seen it all. The one called Madman, his lair, what is to come and what has been. We must act swiftly, for we have little time.” Depositing the location of her vision into Scar’s mind, he could now see exactly what she had divined prior. Every last detail, even the darkness that loomed in wait. There was one detail that hardly needed explain, but she made sure to put the words to image. A great army rushing through the city. A battle almost unlike any other. Scar would know as soon as he saw it, but Genevieve added on for emphasis. “The Alpha Alliance army is almost upon us.”