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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Accatosh listened to Penance and Vigil discuss their current circumstance... Which Accatosh found rather interesting. Kill all orders issued by the Sentinels... they are just about as coldhearted as Auron, and close to being as beast-like. he found it hard to imagine that the Gold Crystal could release one of the sentinels from the control of the Silver Crystal... but then again if he could servive a fight with Auron then maybe they could actually free/liberate a sentinel from the Silver Crystal... but would they ever be the same after that?

    Accatosh kept these thoughts to himself however, simply because like Vigil and Penance had previously said... there was no time. Accatosh listened intently to the planning, and intent of what was going on... Accatosh wanted the plan to be a success... and for that he would have to do whatever he could to ensure that... even if it meant destroying Auron's Statue on his own... and blowing a hole in the wall. he glanced at the map studying what to do... where would be the best place to strike.

    Before he could stop himself his voice spoke up, "Who's the leader of the Sentinels, and where might I find him or her." Accatosh's face took an expression of frozen stone, like that of the kind of task that meant striking deep into the enemy's heart... he knew his task... to eliminate the lead. Veltra's face had turned to that of shock... she knew what his training was in... deep striking... that's what she forgot to tell Penance about Accatosh... He's a Deep Strike Operative. Veltra remained silent however and just listened to the growing conversation.