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Cape City Prison

The snowing. Paladin hadn't noticed it 'till now; the soft touch of the snowflakes disappeared as they melted upon contact with the Golurk's skin. Why was it snowing inside a prison? He decided to pay it no mind, though he couldn't help noticing that Gallant was beginning to look increasingly worried about something. The group advanced along with the Leafeon, who led them. Suddenly, she halted in front of a certain cell. The cell, on the inside, was dark, so Paladin shifted his eye-lights to see what was inside. As expected, there lay Veletra, the one who had risked her life to save him. If they had done anything serious to her, he would be sure to have them pay for it. He may only have known Veletra for a little while, but the fact that she had put her life on the line for him earned her his full confidence. Not only that, but she was the daughter of a fellow Gold Tribesman. He owed it to his comrades to help her.

The Ancients battling with the Pokemon at the end of the hall. The sound was blurred out by another. The voice came suddenly and swiftly, causing some of the Pokemon in the team to jump. Even Speculum, who had been busy opening the cell doors, was now looking at the source of the voice. The Castform floated but a few feet away from them, with a menacing grin on his face. "Deluge," Gallant stated. Deluge...that name was familiar. He was a Sentinel, which meant that this, yet again, was a trap. When would the trickery cease?

"I must commend you for getting this far, but I wonder, will you be able to get back now? It's getting awfully wet in there..." The rain began, and it did not stop. What had previously been a light drizzle turned into a sudden monsoon, as the floor of the prison began to fill up with water. Despite his menacing tone, Paladin knew that manipulation of the weather was just about all this little Castform could do, or so he hoped. "Out of my way!" Paladin said, lightly shoving Speculum out of his way. He then proceeded to part the bars of the cell with raw strength. "Rghn," he grunted, as he bars finally parted enough to let him through. Hastily, he entered the cell and swooped Veletra up in his hand. Taking hold of her tightly, Paladin went back out of the cell and did the only thing he could do: run. "Forget Deluge," he said, worried that some of the team might want to fight him. "We need to get out of here!" Already, the floor had so much water piled on top of it that Paladin's feet were submerged underneath it. For most other Pokemon, this was about equivalent to an almost knee-deep pool of water.

Paladin knew that both he and Allora were weak to water, so this was bad. Already, each raindrop began to sting when it touched the Ground-type's skin, and he guessed that Allora would be feeling the same pain. In an attempt to protect her, he swooped her up the same way he'd done Veletra, and held each of them in one hand. "Astrid! You're a grass type, so absorb as much of that water as you can. Speculum, transform into a grass type and do the same!" Paladin ordered. Though he knew that with all the water piling up, it would be a futile attempt, it was all they could do to slow down the rise of the water beneath them. Speculum quickly did as Paladin had said, transforming into a Grovyle and absorbing water as he ran away from the Castform. "Gallant! Come on!" Paladin shouted, and after one more moment's glance at Deluge, he began to run behind the Golurk.

Hydra IV
Cape City

Hydrulon Rex the fourth gazed. He gazed down at the chaos beneath him. From his perch atop a building, he stared down at the three child Sentinels who aimlessly battled members of some make-believe resistance, and watched as the adults took charge and settled the situation. In all honesty, the whole fiasco was somewhat amusing to him. These silly Silver Tribesmen focused on nothing but what that deranged brute named Auron had to say. It was almost as if they had no true mind of their own. While Hydra's father saw the arrival of the Ancients and the Silver Tribe as a new opportunity, Hydra could not help but see it as an inconvenience. Things were going perfectly well before the war. The Hydreigonist units in various cities were ready to be mobilized, and the Gold Tribe would have been brought down from within its own fortresses. Still, what was done was done. Hydra and the rest of the Hydreigonists simply had to work with the circumstances as they always had.

Perhaps it was time to introduce himself to the other 'Sentinels.' He had only joined Auron's army recently, and already the word repulsed him. Still, he did quite like the title he had been given. 'Devastator' just about summed up the prince of the Hydreigonists. His brute strength destroyed anything in his path, and his sly methods crippled anything that opposed him. What he didn't like was the fact that he would have to be equal to these silly creatures. Although some of them were quite strong and respectable, they were still nothing compared to the prince. By the time he had finished working with these scoundrels, Hydra would have showed them the true meaning of power.

“You three are the newest of us. Time to show your worth. Come,” said the Typhlosion, as he turned to leave. “Our targets are in sight, and their location is now known to us. We will claim the head of the Madman, and we will end the Gold Tribe, once and for all.” As Hydra approached, he glanced at the roasted Poliwrath that had been stupid enough to stand in the way of the Sentinels. Upon seeing the sight, he could not help but gain new respect for Inferno. Truly, he was about as close to Hydra's strength as they come. "Don't you think you're forgetting something?" came the slippery voice of Hydra, as he descended down to the level of his new co-workers. A sly grin on all three of his heads, the metal one included, formed slowly. "I, in case you do not know, am Hydrulon Rex the fourth. I'm here to help you be rid of that pestilence named the Gold Tribe. The Hydreigonists have sent me here as a sort of...helper, since you lot seem to be doing a rather bad job at keeping things in order," he snickered. "However, do not think for one minute that I am one of you," his tone suddenly turned deadly serious. "Auron may think we are all equal, but the truth is far from it. During my time here, you shall treat me with respect, or else..." his sly grin returned. "Well, you never know what might happen to your precious Ancients..."

"Now, let us be going. I sense a battle draws near, and with it, the blood of our enemies shall be drawn."