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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Accatosh cocked his head at Penanc's statement, he was just about to give something away... Accatosh simply stood there listening and letting the events happening take place. Accatosh decided not to push the Golduck too far... everyone has a breaking point... and his could very well be soon. He turned his attention to the Golurk called Paladin... his attitude towards helping the Mismagius who had helped him... After some thought at the time they had been around the Golurk Accatosh realized... that pokemon... That Golurk... WAS PALADIN!!! Accatosh's mentor was alive... Accatosh could have sworn he was dead.

    Accatosh closed his eyes, focused his breathing... and focused on something that Paladin had taught him... how energies connect all pokemon... and those who have trained together share a bond... a unique bond between mentors and students... Accatosh focused and sent out a gentle search pulse in the direction Paladin and their group went... with any luck Paladin would feel it and a response would return in the next few minuets.

    Accatosh's eyes opened and he continued watching the current events take place in front of him.