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Cape City Prison

Paladin tripped. The hulking Golurk tripped on something or other and fell straight to the wet ground. He thrust Veletra and Allora forward as he did so, so that they would not be crushed by falling body. He landed on the prison floor with a great thoomp, causing Gallant and Speculum to stop in front of him. Paladin quickly looked back to where Deluge had been, to find he was gone. Just like that, he had disappeared, and the torrents of water had stopped falling from the prison ceiling. "Come on, son. We've got to keep going now!" said Gallant. Paladin rose from the floor, water dripping from him. He could feel the water being absorbed into him, and it hurt. Unlike with a Grass-type or a Water-type, when a Ground-type absorbed water, it could be fatal. Still, he ignored the pain and went on. Veletra was also gone, and to his relief, the Golurk found that she was in the care of a Gloom in the tunnels. Paladin listened as the Leafeon instructed him to take Veletra. As much as he didn't like to be bossed around by an associate of the Madman, he took her from the ground where the Gloom was, reaching his overgrown arm into the tunnel and taking the Ghost's body.

It seemed that the Leafeon had been contacted by telepathy, for she hesitated a moment before telling the group something about Plan A. "What the heck are you talking about?" Speculum asked, his Grovyle figure already bloated with water. Paladin had an idea at the mention of a medic, though. "Forget that. We have a medic right here," Paladin said, turning to the steadily growing Astrid Helixpetal. "Astrid, do you think you can stop the bleeding?" he asked desperately. He turned to the battle scene. It seemed that the Ancients were finally overtaking the Madman's affiliates, and from what he could hear, there was a whole lot more going on outside. "We have to go. Now!" With that, he began running in the direction that Deluge had been before. If the Sentinel had come from that direction, it meant there was an exit somewhere. He urged Astrid to keep up, trying to run somewhat slowly for her.

As he was running, Paladin felt a familiar sensation in his mind. Something was reaching out to him. Suddenly, an image of a Pokemon came. This Pokemon was colored green, with red wings and a long neck. This Pokemon was the green Salamence that Paladin had seen in the Madman's lair, but now, something seemed familiar about him. The memory came from the back of his brain, surfacing from the endless sea of forgotten memories like a fish out of water. There it was: Accatosh "Blitkrieg" Coronis, Paladin's apprentice. Along with the memory of Accatosh came so many others, such as the countless hours of training they had spent together. Before the war, they had been great friends, and Accatosh had even helped Paladin get over his fear of Dragon-types, thanks to him being one. Memories of good times and bad came back, as did memories of battles fought together, side by side. Accatosh had been taught well, he remembered that the energies of Palkia connected all Pokemon throughout space, and that one could learn to bend those energies to send messages to one another. These energies could sometimes define Pokemon, and the links between those who had trained together shared a bond unlike any other. Paladin felt himself suddenly overcome with pride, remembering the various challenges that Blitkrieg had overcome. He focused for a moment, still running, and tried to find the energies that connected Accatosh and Paladin. After a few seconds, he found them, and began to focus on them, sending a message to the green Salamence.

The exit was in sight. "Come on!" Paladin shouted to the others as he snapped back to reality.

Hydra IV
Cape City

Hydra noticed the child Sentinels whispering, probably about him. With triple hearing from all three of his heads, as well as amplified hearing from the mechanical one, he could make out exactly what they were saying. He simply chuckled at the little game that the two played together. There were so many things that the prince of the Hydreigonists could explain to these Pokemon to make them understand how pathetic they truly were, but he decided against it.

What the other Sentinels did not notice was the Xatu teleporting out of nowhere. The bird had his eyes set on Levina, planning to thrust her into the air with a Psychic since she was turned to talk to Snype. He would have succeeded before any of the other Sentinels could have killed him, of course, if it wasn't for those teeth clenched firmly into his neck. Hydra the fourth's second head had was the owner of these teeth. He had implanted them with perfect precision into his opponent's jugular. Hydra let go of his opponent instead of snapping his neck, watching as the poor bird lay on the ground, choking on his own blood. Thought his second head watched intently at the struggling Xatu, Hydra's main head never took his eyes off of Snype and Levina throughout the whole thing. "You see, young ones, when it comes to death, you can't just kill for a petty little game," he licked his lips as if he had tasted something delicious, "you savor the moment they die. You are worthy enough to be called Sentinel, and while that is still far beneath me, it is a worthwhile title. Therefore, you should only kill those who are worth killing. Killing common peasants is pointless, because their lives are worth nothing anyway. You leave that work to those mindless creatures called Ancients. Those worth killing are the ones who have lived long and done many deeds in their lives, whether good or bad is of no importance. These are the Pokemon whose deaths you should be honored to bring," he lectured. "Think of it You wouldn't eat something that tastes bland, so you taste what is delicious. It is the same with Pokemon. You don't want to kill someone who is of no importance, who is beneath you. You want to kill someone who is ripe with knowledge and power..."

As soon as he had finished his lecture, Hydra began hearing explosions everywhere. Suddenly, the streets below were flooded with Pokemon from this so-called resistance, who were attacking ancients randomly on the streets. "For Arceus's sake..." Hydra rolled his eyes. These were simply common peasants who thought they could get somewhere by blowing stuff up and pretending to help other Pokemon. In reality, they just wanted to cause chaos, like the Madman. Heck, most of these Pokemon weren't even fully evolved. "See? This is why I came here. You lot can hardly get anything right around here," he said, looking down at the chaos below. Suddenly, a small, squeaky noise caught the attention of the Hydreigon. There was a Pachirisu screaming on one of the rooftops. Stupid creature. "Alright, since you don't know how to do these things, I'll tell you how. There appear to be soldiers of the Madman roaming the streets killing out forces, in case you haven't noticed," he mocked, "so we're going to need to split up. I do hope you can all take care of yourselves." Hydra's strategic training kicked in, and he found the best spots for retaliation. He zoomed in on the east side of the city to find a large crack in the ground from which Pokemon were pouring out. "There's a larger concentration of Pokemon to the east. Allen, you and I shall rally up a group of Ancients, Silver Tribe, and any other Sentinels who are not here, and hold them back. We also need to try and close that fissure. It doesn't seem to be too big, but it probably leads to the tunnels," Hydra ordered. He next looked to the west, where the situation was similar, but less dire. "Scar and Genevieve, you take up positions in the west and do the same."

He then looked to the south and north. The concentration of rebels in the north was not so great, but the northeast was quickly becoming flooded with them. "Levina and Snype, since you two seem to work so well together, you can take the northeastern corner, near the walls, and bring together as many Ancients as possible. Meanwhile, D-I and Sovereign will take the south part of the city. Sovereign, try using your Earthquake to collapse the tunnels from which the rebels are coming," Hydra finished. Finally, he said, "Of course, this all depends on your individual powers. This group, as far as I can tell, is only as strong as its weakest link, and I trust none of you want to be that individual. You can choose to heed my words or not, but be warned, if you choose not to, the city is as good as taken," With that, he began to fly away away from the church in which they were, and made his way to a nearby rooftop where a Pachirisu was still screaming "For Freedom!" Hydra grabbed the little rodent by his neck with his mechanical arm, and threw him off the rooftop, listening to him scream as he went. Better to let the impact with the ground kill the little pest than Hydra himself. He proceeded to pick up the fallen flag with his left arm, and then...ate it, for all to see. With a large gulp, he shouted, "Your resistance is dead!" He then began flying to his stationed position in the east corner of the city, where he would expect to find Allen and then rally up a group of Ancients.