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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    There it was... the response... it felt familiure... so the Golurk was for sure Paladin... however there was something else Accatosh could detect... even in that small touch he could tell the something was wrong... not in an injured sort of way but still something about his state of mind seemed... the best way to describe it was corrupted... it's touch was ever so subtle in the connection but that area was cold and dark... it even made Accatosh shudder a little just thinking about it.

    Things continued as they were happening for a moment... Accatosh decided to make himself useful by sending large Pulses of Palkia's link energy to see where everything was... it worked for a while, giving him an opportunity to see a sort of map of Cape City... He then sent Paladin a message of warning...

    Be careful... Cape City is not as friendly as it once was... stick to the side streets for the moment as best you can... there are Aincients everywhere over there... and I'd expect to see the Sentinals anywhere... let me know if you need any help.

    with that the message was sent along their shared energy link... the unique thing about the link was that it was practically impossible to break into, only another pokemon trained in bending such energies could get access to the link... and even then it was hard to do. Accatosh readied his gear for anything... and waited for the call... Accatosh wished he could be up there... where at the moment he would be most helpful... but at the time they were leaving he would have been most helpful planning... not like Penance had even responded to anything he had to say... but who cares if he didn't... it's his loss.

    Veltra turned to Accatosh, and asked him what he's doing. "preparing to help my mentor," Accatosh said, "I'm not needed here anymore... and I have a feeling I'm going to be needed elsewhere." Veltra frowned at this but kept her peace.