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Lair of the Madman

Zane nodded as he Penance explain his role to him and to the other Psychic Pokemon. They would use the Gold Crystal to try and free a Sentinel from the effects of the Silver Crystal. From what Penance is describing, it looks like they were going for Deluge, who was alone in the prison. He wondered how exactly the Gold Crystal would work. He, after all, didn’t notice any effects from it thus far, which was strange. He speculated if it was even working at all. But then again, perhaps it would only activate in the presence of the Silver Crystal handiwork.

After the psychics took them, they found themselves in a forested area, Zane assuming it was a bit ways away from the city. They waited, prepared to do what was necessary. The Psychics found themselves readying their abilities in approach of the Sentinel, while Zane found himself oddly standing there, a bit out of place from the rest of them. How exactly was he supposed to help prepare? He wasn’t invading anyone’s mind. In fact, the only reason he was here was because he wore the Gold Crystal around his neck in a necklace he had just made. He could have easily given it to TrueStriker and helped prepare for the war instead. Needless to say, it was too late for that now, as moments later, another Psychic Pokemon appeared grabbing hold of the Castform Deluge, a former brother of theirs, now turned Sentinel.

“You’ve made a big mistake.” Deluge stated somewhat angrily, gritting his teeth. Zane noticed above as clouds started forming above the area’s head. The clouds quickly grew larger, and darker. A bang of thunder came from them, booming across the forested area. Then, he felt a sprinkle of water upon his shoulder, followed by the droplets of a few more. This turned to a continuous spray, until in a matter of seconds, the area drizzled in a thick and heavy rain.

Unfortunately for Deluge, that was the extent the Castform was able to do, as moments later, Penance yelled, "Now!" Together, the psychics, Hanso, and Penance all went to work on Deluge. It was a struggle Zane couldn’t quite see, besides the cringing faces of some of the Pokemon before him.

“What? What are you-“ Deluge began to demand, as his mind soon began to be infiltrated.

What happened next was something Zane couldn’t see, but of which everyone else did. A pure white room eclipsed the scenery of the forest that once existed, a blankness with nothing inside but the Pokemon, standing where they were when they began the mind infiltration. Everyone stood where they stood out in the real world, and everyone mostly looked the same. That is, except Deluge, who stood facing the psychics. However, clinging to his body were two enormous arms covered in dark shadows, as if hugging the small Castform. The arms connected to a gigantic shadow that hovered behind the Sentinel. No physical manifestation could be seen from the shadow, but a pair of menacing blue eyes were prominently displayed through the darkness, eyeing the Psychic Pokemon. Suddenly, the darkness that shrouded that side of the room began expanding, and heading toward the other Psychics. But a bright light pierced through the room, the source of which came from the back of the Psychics, at the location where Zane was standing if he were present inside of the white room. The bright energy expanded, meeting the expansion of the darkness, and the two clashed. For a moment, it looked like the potency of the two was even, until the effectiveness of the Psychic Pokemon too met the powerful dark shadows. Together with the bright energy, the shadows were slowly beginning to be pushed back.

On the outside, Zane observed as Deluge visibly seemed to wage the invisible battle inside of his mind. He was the only one who made a cringing face, or rather the most prominently displayed one to show his discomfort. He had no idea what was happening on the battle that was waging inside of their minds, but only hoped that this discomfort that he held was a sign of good things. He looked down at the Gold Crystal which hung from his neck. It was strange. Even if nothing visible seemed to be happening, he felt deep inside himself that something was. It was a presence of some sort. Hopefully, it meant a good thing. His eyes were suddenly preoccupied with a fast-approaching dark cloud. The oddity was that this cloud was approaching at quite a fast speed, and against the wind. He was beginning to wonder if this was a cloud at all, but rather something else. Zane suddenly realized that the dark puff of smoke was heading directly in their location. In a rapid speed, the cloud sank from the height it flew and approached the group in the forested area, before heading straight into the mouth of Deluge. A sinister, deep voice was uttered, Zane assuming it came from the voice, but its origin when heard by the ears didn’t seem to indicate that.

“He is my servant, or he is no ones.” It uttered.

Back in the white room, the combined efforts of the Psychics and the bright energy which seemed to aid in their efforts was being rewarded as the shadowy darkness now appeared to be ‘losing’ this fight of the mind. The dark energy released now reached the figure that clung to Deluge, until parts of its own body were joining in the ‘purging’ process. Slowly, the being was lifting its control over Deluge’s body, while the poor Castform continuously screamed during this entire entanglement. Then, one giant arm was lifted from the Sentinel as it was disintegrated. This was followed by the second arm, causing the Sentinel to fall into the ground, panting heavily. The darkness which enveloped the room was suddenly swallowed by the remains of the powers of the Psychics and the energy, until only tiny bits clung to the surface of the white room. A panting Deluge slowly and weakly rose up, his eyes looking upon the others of the white room. The eyes held a look of confusion, but also sincerity, something that had not crossed the mind of this Castform in about two years. It was as if he was in a deep sleep, a nightmare for such a long time, and only now had he awoken.

Cedric Ceffyl, the Castform Sentinel known as Deluge, was free.

The tragedy was the short time he would enjoy such freedom, as the dark smoke which entered the body of the Castform showed its form inside of the white room. It was a Pokemon, one covered in shadow and darkness, who appeared in front of the Castform. His voice mirrored the one outside.

“He is my servant, or he is no ones.” It uttered, before extending it’s dark-covered arm right into the Castform, impaling it. The look upon Cedric was utter shock as he gazed at his attacker, his final glance as he closed his eyes forever, and so too on the outside did this action mirror. As the Castform fell, the shadowy Pokemon turned and appeared to look at the other Pokemon in the white room, but suddenly stepped back at the sight of the glint of light which began once more to resonate from the back of the room. As quickly as it came, the Pokemon in shadows left, and took the form outside of the dark smoke, rapidly ascending away once more.

Deluge fell to the ground, as the white room collapsed and the Psychics were all removed from it. Zane quickly approached the downed Castform and checked its vitals. He turned to the others, and shook his head.

“Dead.” He muttered grimly. “Did any of it work? What was that dark…smoke? What happened in there?” Zane asked the others, wondering what exactly took place inside the mind.


Cape City

Scar titled his head in examination of the newest Sentinel brought forth. Hydra, or more particularly Hydra the Fourth. He had heard of him and the Hydreigonists before, though mostly through passing tales and urban legends. It was a bit odd to find one of them now working among the Sentinels, but Scar didn’t give it too much thought. He found the acts of Auron recently quite different from his normal routine, to say the least. The moment Hydra began giving order, Scar should his head, while The Inferno proceeded down the tunnels, not giving the Hydreigon a moments thought, as he wouldn’t with any of the other Sentinels.

“Hydra,” Scar began, as he observed the increasing escalation of violence across the city. “You are new, so I will forgive your impudence. However, we Sentinels take no orders from each other. Nor do we rely on rank hierarchy. That said, it’s obvious you have some tactful capabilities, and we’ll rely on them in the battle to come. However, for now, to quote you from earlier, we should not aim for these weaklings. For even though the affiliates of the Madman are a step above the normal soldier, there is even bigger fish to fry now.” He motioned to a nearby tunnel system formed, pointing into it. “The Gold Tribe is here, and we’re going to smoke them out. Stay on the surface here if you like, but Genevieve and I, and whoever else will follow shall take the tunnels, and face our true enemy.”

With that, Scar proceeded with Genevieve, the Inferno, and whomever else chose to follow down the path of the tunnels, navigating it through their minds as they recalled the route of the Madman’s lair. It wasn’t too difficult now that they new where to go. They turned where necessary, and followed it like finding one’s way home. A contingency of Ancients too chose to follow, the though bulk of them now began appearing on the surface to combat the affiliates. Scar didn’t worry. As soon as all of the Ancients would leave Anciena City below and head to the surface, they would all be outnumbered, and perish soon afterward.

After much traveling, the Sentinels were by their destination. “It should be behind here,” Scar said, beckoning to the doorway which would lead into the Madman’s lair. “Let us be done with them quickly. The Alpha Alliance army comes, and they come quickly.”

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