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Cape City

The sounds of battle resonated from behind him as Paladin ran towards the exit. It was in sight, and he was so close. He wanted to check behind him to see if everyone was there, but he didn't have the time. He could see Speculum, in the form of a Grovyle, and Gallant before him, but nobody else. The Leafeon had disappeared to help her comrades, but Paladin didn't care about her. He wondered if Allora and Astrid were alright. Deluge was gone, and the enemies were being held back, but whatever lay beyond the exit was most certainly hostile and ready to kill.

Paladin was blinded by the sunlight, and momentarily paused to cover his eyes from the sun. Ghost-types didn't react well to sudden light. He could hear the sounds of battle all around him, even the voices of Gallant and Speculum, and the mindless grunts of ancients. When his vision cleared, Paladin came upon a sight of various Pokemon fighting the Ancients. Some appeared strong, others weak, and many of them were not fully evolved. However, they still seemed to be a step above the average soldier, using techniques that he'd never seen before. The Madman's affiliates, no doubt. He decided that, even though he did not like the Madman's affiliates or anything they stood for, they were still fighting for the same cause, which was reason enough to fight alongside them. Thinking no longer, he launched a Shadow Punch at a nearby Rampardos to catch its attention. Angrily, it turned towards him and immediately began charging at him headfirst. Fortunately for Paladin, the idiotic Rampardos didn't know that his Headbutt attack would not affect the Ghost, and he took this opportunity to launch a Hammer Arm at the dinosaur. Paladin raised his giant fists into the air and brought them down with the immense force of muscle and gravity, striking the Rampardos in his head and creating a crack in its skull. The dinosaur fell to the ground in seconds.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in Paladin's back. He fell to the ground, ice forming on his back. He had been hit by a super-effective Ice Beam. He attempted to look behind him, but another beam struck him straight in the face as he turned, coating it with ice and blinding him. "Argh!" He exclaimed as he tried to get up, but ended up stumbling backwards and falling back to the ground. He couldn't even see his assailant, but he was sure that no Ancient could have launched such a powerful attack. Deciding that his last hope lay in the streams of Palkia's link. Hopefully, he bent the streams and sent another message to his former apprentice Accatosh.

I've been attacked by an unknown fighter! He's far too powerful to be an Ancient, and he's managed to blind me! Help!

Hydra IV

Well, this was disappointing. Upon the tearing down of the door, it was revealed that there was nothing in the room but a few affiliates and nothing else. Hydra let down his guard and entered the room, examining it for anyone who could possibly be hiding. The affiliates simply stood there, apparently not intimidated by him. His biological arm hissed at them once or twice as he passed them, checking the walls and floor for any sign of a concealed Pokemon. "Nobody here but these knaves," Hydra finally decided. He turned to his fellow Sentinels. "As much as I hate to do it, I need to kill something, so I'm going back up to the surface to fight..." he said, half to them and half to himself. As he walked by some of them to make the trip back down the tunnels, he turned back. "Oh, and somebody kill those silly little things back there. If you find any clues as to where the Gold Tribe might be, inform me immediately." And with that, he was swallowed by the darkness of the tunnels.

When he arose from the tunnel, he took to the skies to find an enemy worth killing. From the hundreds of meaningless pawns, it was hard to choose one, but eventually, he found one that looked worth destroying. A Rhyperior stood, easily killing all the Ancients around him. For one of his stature, he was rather speedy too, taking out a Kabutops with ease. Hydra swooped in from the air and lunged at him, striking him with Dragon Rush when he was in rage. Despite the type disadvantage, the attack struck with devastating force, knocking the Rhyperior back a foot or two. Hydra descended to his level, waiting for a counter strike. Rock Wrecker was the opponent's move of choice, but the powerful attack missed as Hydra flew back into the air with a quick thrust of his six wings. Swooping down the same way he had before, he attempted another Dragon Rush, but the Rhyperior blocked the attack with his large arm and tried to counter with Stone Edge. Some of the rocks that were sent hurling towards Hydra hit him, but did no severe damage. He came back down to the ground, now visibly angry that his opponent had actually managed to hit him. Rage bubbled in his demon-like eyes as he lunged at the Rhyperior once again. The Rhyperior also began charging the Hydreigonist, expecting the two to clash with full force. Hydra was too smart for that, though. At the very last minute, he lunged back into the air and let the Rhyperior continue his charge, then came back down with full force. He quickly struck his opponent with a Dragon Rush, using his metal head for additional damage, then he shifted position and struck with an Outrage, but still used Dragon Rushes in between. This was the Hydreigonist royal family's signature move: the Outrage Rush, a combination of Dragon Rush and Outrage perfected by Hydra the first. After a few consecutive hits, the Rhyperior fell to his knees, and Hydra decided to finish the fight with one last strike to the face.

Hydra took to the skies once more, scanning the rabble of Pokemon for another opponent. Under his breath, he mumbled "Too easy..."