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    Originally Posted by Unlimited NiGHTS View Post
    Besides that, it's basically a super version of "Neos Wiseman", but is easier to Summon and has better protection.
    I struggle to find any similarities between this and Wiseman save for the monster type and attribute. I mean, this one isn't even nomi like the latter is. x.O

    Originally Posted by Unlimited NiGHTS View Post
    This has the potential to be extremely broken. What if the only card on your side of the field was a Set "Dark Coffin"? Even better, what if you had 2-3 of them, plus "Statue of the Wicked"? Yeah. I'd add some other condition to it, such as, "Activate only when 5 different 'Wandering' monsters are in your Graveyard".
    Umm...if that makes Supernova broken then what do you call Magical Hats? Pick double Dark Coffin and you get free deck thinning, monster protection, monster flipped face-down (nice for flip-floppers) and gain on the CA, rather than just breaking even like you'd do if you set from your hand. Seriously, synergy with what are otherwise very situational cards doesn't make a card broken.

    Originally Posted by Unlimited NiGHTS View Post
    Everyone knows that Bastion Misawa sucks balls. Moving right along...
    As much as I'd like to ask where that came from, I think it's preferable for my sanity if I don't. :x

    Wandering Deity: Tribute mania. So, basically you want the full three to cover all your bases and turn this into a Blue-Eyes size beatstick with uber protections. Sadly, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and Raiza the Storm Monarch laugh as their effects slip right past this poor fellow's protections. xD Fair enough. Probably best played as a recovery card after a failed push with RftDD.

    Limit Break: Supernova: Not too hot, really, as it's really just trading 2+ cards for a 2600 Atk vanilla without vanilla benefit. I guess it can sort of be useful if you have something on your field that doesn't mind being blown up, but it's still situational to the extreme. This is also breaking the limit break tradition in not having the 'only one per turn' limit stamped on it.

    Yokai Kyuubi: Oh come on, broken as heck. As long as your opponent has at least two cards in either zone you can't lose with this; just tribute away, nuke the field then pull back stuff that smashes face and can be tributed for this again next end phase. Your opponent's only shot at stopping this is to crow it when it tries to revive or wipe it out right after it hits the field, but given that this thing is big enough to butt heads with Dark Magician of Chaos, that's easier said than done. And even if you do kill, it will be lurking in the graveyard and just waiting to jump back out and go all Raigeki/Harpie's Feather Duster again. You need to limit this somehow. x.O

    Covering of God- Angel Sachiel: really didn't half-arse anything on the maintenance here, did you? xD That self-protection effect should be "When this card would be destroyed", though, because you can't negate a destruction that has already taken place like the current effect is trying to do. Big beater for the set, it seems.

    Conquerer of God- Angel Shamshel: Whoo, major metagame hate. Every decktype except Gadget reels from this, and even the little munchkins aren't too happy because this guy is on the big side and can't be blown away with their regular arsenal of card effects, though they may try to hammer this with a big spree of destruction to drop you to zero.

    Thunder of God- Angel Ramiel: Oh's a god-angel you can actually summon with conventional tricks, and once it gets a single hit in (not hard, since this is Light attribute and therefore a viable target for Honest) it's pretty much 'kill every face-up your opponent has'. Harsh, very harsh. But don't need to drop too many destruction effects on this before the player behind it runs out of LP.

    Beast of God- Angel Gaghiel: Hmm...for the destruction effect, how about "When this card would be destroyed, pay 900 Life Points to destroy the card that would have destroyed this card instead. (This is not optional)"? Nasty little thing, basically giving the 'in your face' to any and all who would attempt to destroy it and sporting a decent Atk to boot. As long as you keep your LP up, this thing is unstoppable. o.o

    Music of God- Angel Israfel: It doesn't look as impressive as Ramiel, but then it does something that few other God-Angel cards do; create tribute fodder. All the usual "destroy something you control, gain something" effects can be exploited here provided that you're willing and able to cough up the life points.

    Embryo of God- Angel Sandalphon: Am I the only one who thinks that this is the best Creature Swap target ever? Just summon in attack, swap to your opponent to blow up their field, then smack Sandalphon around with impunity. Scary stuff, and another source of tribute material for the bigger God-Angels.

    Premonition of God- Angel Matariel: Frail, but lethal in combo with its bigger cousins. (Is it just me, or did the aforementioned Sandalphon swap just gain a new level of nastiness? No avoiding damage by turning him into defense and no disposing of him either since he's got built-in protection and tribute restriction. All in the age of unlimited Creature Swap too. =P)

    Well, Frosty, your sets certainly are...interesting, I'll give them that. The way these angels work, you're forced to forfeit the benefit of face-downs in your back row, effectively eliminating all trap cards except Dark Coffin (which actually benefits) from the equation. Smoke Grenade of the Thief is another fun option if you want to exploit the 'destroy everything' effect, I suppose, essentially turning into a cost-free Confiscation, and Shamshel in particular is making this a very appealing-looking theme to play. Still, I think I shall wait to see some support for these angels of yours. :3

    Master Polymerization: Chimeratech OTKO just got themselves a brand new toy, too bad Dimension Fusion just went bye-bye and killed that deck, huh? xD Anyways, it's...expensive, but the ability to fuse anything from anywhere is nothing to be sneezed at. Interesting, and probably crazily exploitable somehow.

    Aaaanyhow, something...different. Sort of. =O

    Parallel Existence Field
    Field Spell

    When your opponent activates a Field Spell card while this card is on the Field, this card is not destroyed. If this card is activated while your opponent controls a Field Spell card, your opponent's Field Spell card is not destroyed. When this face-up card on the Field would be destroyed, it is flipped face-down instead. When a non-token Monster on the Field would be destroyed, activate an effect depending on the type of destruction:

    Battle: Place one Physical Destruction Counter on the Monster and it is not destroyed (Damage Calculation is applied normally). If the Monster already has a Spiritual Destruction Counter on it, remove the Monster from play face-down.

    Card Effect: Place one Spiritual Destruction Counter on the Monster and it is not destroyed. If the Monster already has a Physical Destruction Counter on it, remove the Monster from play face-down.

    Tremble in fear at the wordiness! >O *Shot* Seriously, any way to keep this in official terminology while cutting down on this ginormous word count would be much appreciated.
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