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    Originally Posted by Ramond Hikari View Post
    Nice job, I really like the story as well as the plot :D

    But you should reaaly check out the hero's overworld back sprite. I think there is something wrong with the green part. It is way too big, despite the fact that it looks way smaller in the left/right direction sprite, like my attachment (sr because I can't post URLs)

    And I suggest you should make a new sprite for the Normal Gym Leader :D

    I know this is not a topic to ask, but how could you fix the PokemonFollowing error? When the Pokemon says "...hates travelling with...", an error pops. So could you show me the following script which you put in? Btw what did you put in common event TalkToPokemon?

    Lots of things. Ok. First of all. The sprite i am using is still temporary.It is the sprite from one of the battle towers in platinum I think. It will change. The sprite for Joey will not change. The gym leader is Joey, so the game should use his sprite. I can PM you with the following pokemon issue. I am happy to help, but PM me. Not here. If you want help, feel free to PM me