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Looks awesome, Jegretis! I'm just gonna leave this here.

"My name is Fishington Herring Waddlesworth, but you may call me Fish."
Fishington Herring Waddlesworth (Affectionately referred to as Fish)

"Fine, feather fellows, we bumpties are."



"Tell me, good chap, do I look distinguished?"

Fishington appears to be the average bumpty, but he often wears the coat and hat of a chef, as one must, in a profession of his own. He is a little more plump than the usual bumpty, but he refers to his few extra pounds as "proof of excellence." When not wearing his chef's uniform, he can be seen in a dress shirt.

"Pardon me, sir, but I am a gentleman and a scholar!"

Fishington is, in short, a gentleman and scholar. He firmly believes in the powers of knowledge, manners, and the rules of society. Fish spends a great deal of time reading when he isn't working, learning of all manner of things that he can get his hands on. He is very firm about his pride and honor as well and will not hesitate to bump unruly characters into oblivion, should they offend him. Despite his rigid appearance, however, he is kindly and generous. Fish cooks for his friends any chance he should get. Fish's skills as a chef are known throughout the small towns of the Mushroom Kingdom. He takes great pride in his cooking. His signature dish, the Herring-Mushroom Sandwich, is known to be delicious...You know. If you like fish.

"Ah...Our cozy little town of Whispering Glade. How I love it so..."

Waddlesworth is a Bumpty straight from the Bumpty capital, Shiver City. His parents reluctantly leave the freezing city so he could pursue his dream of being the best chef in the world. Yep. This guy is one cool dude. Get it ? Cool? Fishington wandered the Mushroom Kingdom for years before he found himself in the quaint little town of Whispering Glade. He has been there for a total of seven years now, and he loves the little town very much. Something about the rural lifestyle charms him, if you will. He owns a small restaurant near the Town Square known as "The Yumpty Bumpty," that makes a decent earning.

"Have at ye, scoundrel!"

THE ALMIGHTY BUMP: As all Bumpties, Fish is a pro at bouncing enemies away. While this doesn't really harm his opponents, it sends them skidding away several feet. Usually Fish uses it to deal with rowdy customers, but he's more than willing to bump a few villains into their place.

Melee: Whenever Fish isn't trying to bump someone, he uses his finflipperarmwing things to slap and his beak to peck.