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My lack of decent sleep is making it hard to properly explain myself in any depth, but yeah. I haven't done an RP in ages, and since I'm done school, it would be fun to get back into it.
This was exactly why I wanted to start RPing again. I've hit a decent moment of stability and I'm out of school with a decent job :D


I definitely see the potential in all of these ideas. The first immediately differentiates itself from journey conventions by adding a larger, overarching conflict. Who would the characters be, in this case? Trainers, some more experienced than others, all less-experienced?
I wanted to leave the back story of the characters as much to the player as possible. So I'm leaving it as more or less anything reasonable. So nurses/doctors, those familiar with the area such as gym trainers or gym challengers, a survivalist expert, etc.

(It's not that important, considering you'd characterize Pokerus as explicitly dangerous for the purposes of the RP.)
I studied Microbiology in college :D So I'm designing Pokerus after a few different viruses that target nerves such as rabies and herpes. Bacteriology and Immunology are more my specialty so it'll be a little trickier.


Your journey's pretty cool. Original map and region forms? Yes, please! I've always loved the concept of Pokemon Trainers as ambassadors. And expanding on a fan theory! I likey, I likey,

Though, I'm a little confused by what you intend by the gyms representing parts of the economy; is it... metaphorical? Could you expound on this idea?
I actually thought of a regional variant for Drowzee. A Water/Psychic type based physiologically more so off of Manatees, but inspired by mythological sirens.

So different areas of the region specialize in different economical pursuits. Seymour, the old naval commander and self-proclaimed rival to Lt. Surge, resides in a harbor town which specializes in shipping goods and has a thriving fishing industry. His position as gym leader comes from his expertise as a sailor and knowledge of the fishing routes. Other gyms may be tied to mining or logging or some other important economical aspect of the region. It's what makes the gym challenge of the region a more cultural aspect. Challengers gets to explore these key aspects that make the region function and battle against those experienced in their fields.


For the third idea, I'm presuming it'd concern, like, political tension? It might be difficult to split up players in-between four/five alliances, if that's what you might have planned to do. If you have any additional info on the premise, I've love to see it. Playing cards are always a fun motif.
The third plot does involve political conflict and I honestly probably need to work on it more since I had originally planned for it to be a murder trial sort of thing. But, I don't really know if that would make a good RP. So it needs tweaking. The start of the RP would definitely involve the assassination of the Queen of Hearts who was having an affair with the Queen of Spades. The Queen of Clovers has put the Queen of Spades on trial and the Queen of Diamonds is treating the whole thing like a game. I had originally made both the rulers of Hearts and Spades as women and then decided to make them all powerful women. The Queen of Spades achieved her position by basically being the only person strong enough to kill the previous ruler and who also wanted it. The Queen of Hearts was elected as ruler through her charisma and pagentry. The Queen of Clovers leads the military and thus leads the country. The Queen of Diamonds is the one with enough money to afford the position. I hope that gives some insight as to what I may have planned though.

In retrospect, this might make a better novel idea. I dunno.


And, of course, if you need any help developing stuff further or want a sexy-looking, custom OP, wink wonk, I'm here... lurking...
Maybe? I dunno :o. We didn't have these fancy formats when I RPed like 10-5 years ago. So I'm really lost :3.

So I saw Kitty's post and got tired of using quotes. I'm going to stop using them :3

1. I'm basing the virus off of viruses that like to travel through nerves. Silph Co ended up trying to improve the virus and market it. Team Rocket remnants made a poor attempt to steal the research while it was in a beta and the virus is released. The incomplete virus effects brain function and causes aggressive behavior in Pokemon. Aggressive behavior and increased muscle gain lead to really powerful and uncontrollable Pokemon. That was my idea anyways. Silph Co in this plot is sort of like BP and its oil spills. If that makes sense :3

2. It's really not as massive as it sounds. NPCs will be relevant when needed. Seymour, for instance, will be relevant as a gym leader from the war times that kept his position afterwards. He won't be important, for instant, when the plot shifts to explore the emerging industries post-war. There's also spacial constraints as well. You can't jump from one side of the region to the other after all. So it should be manageable by shuffling around npcs and keeping space reasonable.

3. I dunno. I could make it sandbox :3 In all honesty, I just don't think I've thought about it enough to actually consider it as an option. I apologize for the bait ><

Feedback is overall appreciated. I apologize (again), but I think I need to save the third option for later when I've thought about it more.

Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.