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    I would really appreciate it if someone could make this.

    Pokemon Gold or Crystal
    Player's name: *AJ*
    Playing time : doesn't matter
    Number of Badges:
    doesn't matter
    Location: doesn't matter
    Tyranitar level 50-55 with Earthquake, crunch, hyper beam and rock slide for example.
    Dragonite level 50-55 with hyper beam, outrage, thunder and surf
    for example.
    Arcanine level 50 with fire blast, flamethrower, Extremespeed and double-edge for example.
    Lapras level 50 with ice beam, body slam, surf and safeguard for example.
    Aerodactyl level 50 with hyper beam, rock slide, earthquake, fly and double-edge for example.
    Steelix level 50 with earthquake, double-edge, iron tail and rock slide for example.