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    Ultimate Dark Monotype Challenge Hoenn Chapter Update:
    -Headed west across the water of Route 118 and got me a Good Rod
    -Then backtracked to Route 102 and fished for a Corphish, nicknamed it Pincers

    -Pincers - Corphish - Female
    -Level - 25
    -Brave - Hyper Cutter
    -Then I headed south of Route 104 and began the surf way around to Slateport City, training and evolving Corhpish
    -Corphish evolved into Crawdaunt
    -Traveled North along Route 119, beat down Team Aqua in the Weather Institute, as graditude, they gave me a Castform, but I don't need it so I just left it in the box
    -As I was about to travel to Fortree City, my Rival, May, decided that right now would be a good time to battle, luckly I defeated her badly and got HM 02 (Fly)
    -Caught a Tropius for HM Slave reasons, taught HM Slave HM 02 (Fly)
    -Surfed along the river to find a Leaf Stone, evolved Ninja into a Shiftry
    -Traveled East of Fortree City to get the Devon Scope to see those annoying Kecleons
    -Finally defeated LeaderWinona, obtainedFeather Badge
    -Thought I'd head east down Route 120, I felt a disaster was in the area...

    -Ninja - Shiftry - Male
    -Level - 40
    -Adamant - Chlorophyll
    --Faint Attack
    --Razor Wind

    -Gemstone - Sableye - Female
    -Level - 40
    -Modest - Keen Eye
    --Shadow Ball
    --Rock Tomb
    --Rock Smash

    -Thorny - Cacturne - Male
    -Level - 40
    -Gentle - Sand Veil
    --Needle Arm
    --Faint Attack
    --Pin Missile

    -Pincers - Crawdaunt - Female
    -Level - 40
    -Brave - Hyper Cutter
    --Knock Off
    --Ice Beam

    HM Slave
    Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
    K-8/8 J-8/8 H-8/8 S-1/8 U-0/8 K-0/8
    Dark Party: