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    Damien Reeves
    Veilstone City

    Walking through the the ruins of what remained in route 215, with no destination in mind. Damien only had one thing in mind, the demise of his brother sitting in the back of his mind haunting him of that day. Damien now didn't know why he lived, what did he do to deserve to live over his brother? With this all running through Damien's head he closed in on the Veilstone City western gate. With two guards there both seemed to be equipped with guns. These guards aimed down their sights directly at Damien only to say,
    "Stop that's close enough."
    Damien comes to a complete halt raising his hands in the air showing he is unarmed.
    "Alright what's your business here?" asks the guard.
    Damien stays quiet without a peep. The guard seems agitated as he takes the safety of on his gun then says,
    "I'll ask you again, what’s your business here?"
    Damien just grew a smirk of enjoyment as he drops his hands I'm a fast motion. Right after his arms dropped a Hydreigon came swooping down from the sky using a powerful Dragon Pulse right on the gate sending the guards posted on top of it flying. Damien approaches the Hydreigon putting his hand on its left head to tell it,
    "Watch over me I'm going in."
    The Hydreigon flies up into the sky once more as Damien steps over the ruble from the blast with an alarm sounding off. Damien walked through the city seeing the people all running and screaming trying to get to safety. All these people being the least concerned by Damien as he walks through the city with Hydra flying down every once in a while taking out a guard attempting to attack Damien. Damien kept walking through the city until he was next to the gym where a man cane running out from it going in front of Damien's path. This man stood about 20 yards away from Damien. They stood there staring each other down but the man could not see past the darkness covering Damien's face from the hood.
    "Listen there is no need for you to do this. Nobody needs to get hurt anymore. Now I'm giving you a free pass to leave." the man says.
    Damien continues staring down the man with no words from his side.
    "Listen I promise you that you can leave here safely. As long as you don't attack any if the guards they won't attack you. I can assure you if that." the man says.
    Damien still continuing to be silent as he raises his right hand and Hydra comes down from the sky levitating next to Damien. Damien the drops his arm in a fast motion with Hydra releasing a powerful Dragon Pulse aimed directly at the man. The attack seemed to hit with the explosion going off near where he was standing. Damien then walks off with Hydra flying away only to hear the same man's voice,
    "If that's all you came to do then I suggest you leave before I take back my offer."
    Damien stopped instantly after hearing his voice only to turn around to see him with a girl and an Electivire standing next to him with the fading away of a protect.
    "I suggest you leave before this gets ugly." The man says.
    Damien smirks in amusement on how he survived as Damien heads towards the southern gates that are opened as soon as he approaches the gate. Damien leaves the city with many guards watching his departure making sure he was leaving only heading into more trouble.
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