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    The pillow was moist. The boy tossed and turned. Why can't I go back to sleep, Dex thought. Ditta moved over to the edge of her master's bed, a worried expression on her look. Something's wrong, said Dex in his mind. He sat up, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Ditta still looked nervous and Dex patted her head, assuring her not to worry.

    "I'm probably just thirsty, Ditta." said Dex, smiling at his purple blob. However, once he drank a full glass of water in the kitchen, he still felt wrong. Maybe he needed fresh air. Yes, that's always good for a young boy.

    "Let's go." Dex slowly closed the front door, as if his parents were still there and he didn't want to rise them from there sleep. Ever since they were kicked out of Jubilife, Dex had a habit of acting like his parents were with him sometimes. Ditta would get weird out during this occurrences, but would sometimes play along with her master. After all, Dex's mother owned Ditta first.

    Dex decided to head on towards Eterna Forest. Where else could he go? No one from Jubilife sparked any interest in the ten year old. Sure, there were a few adults that had great subjects to talk over, but there weren't as much children his age as before. He snuggled Ditta between his hands as he crossed them. They slowly sauntered to the forest and on the way they sang a few songs that calmed them.

    "Fresh air is exactly what I needed." said Dex, snuggling Ditta closer to him. "Ditta!" cried the pokemon, waving its short, purple arms in joy. She seemed to be enjoying the outdoors also. The two never got to exit the city all that much, so of course they would be exhilarated once outside the Jubilife City limits.

    At the edge of Eterna Forest, Dex stopped walking. Ditta held on to an arm of the sweater draped on to her master's shoulders. Dex could see someone. And they were talking.

    "You can keep going." it was a female voice. Dex stepped backwards so that the girl couldn't see him. He held his breath, scared that the person near him would be a dangerous person. Maybe she was a Human who despised the Pure-Hearted.

    "Dit!" cried Ditta. Dex's eyes widened and he covered Ditta's mouth. His heart was pounding against his chest.
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