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    snowpoint city - route 217 (log cabin)

    “ohhh,” Remiel grunted as he rolledover. He quickly fell and landed face first on the ground. Remiel screamed ashe jumped up. He was in a house; the walls and floor were wood. The house had onlybookshelves, a twin bed, a couch, and a chair with someone sitting in it.

    “Soyou’re awake?” the man said. He was in his older years and had a thick greybeard. The man was also a bit husky. In his lap was a Altaria.

    “Forte!”The Altaria flew over to Remiel and started to rub against his leg.

    “You shouldbe thank full without its help I would have never found you.” The man said. “Bythe way what is your title, I mean you don’t seem like a pure heart, I neverseen you, yet your aura is familiar.”

    “Well… I am not… My name is Remiel.I would tell you my tale, but I must be going”

    “Tell me your story till now and atleast stay while the star are out”

    “Okay…” Remiel said nervously “ it allbegan….”
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