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    Original Tutorial:

    Translated by: Google Translate

    This tutorial is meant to create their covers without the limitation that can only be used 16 as everyone does.
    I will explain that the Ruby is 32 pallets for use on the cover of Groudon, that would be substantive and lava, and the same are the ones that take advantage of for our cover.
    First step

    What do we need?
    • Character Maker Pro
    • UNLZ-GBA
    • Graph Editor
    • HEX Editor
    • Cyclone or NTME
    • APE
    Second Step

    Well, now we have to create our design, which sometimes tends to be most difficult step, because your home must have some connection with the history of your hack, etc..
    In this case I'll use the cover of Pokemon Iris, as it was the first cover I did with more than 16 colors and design here:

    Third Step

    After having our design of what will be the cover, now we have to do the defragmentation of the tiles and the famous "puzzle" of 128x128.In my case is this.

    Important Tip: Never repeat any 8x8 block for not using unnecessary space.
    Fourth Step

    This is the magical step which will use the 32 pallets free Hack, now we open the puzzle in the Character Maker Pro, we have to make is that in the first 16 pallets pallets are absolutely all the sprite that we use and palette 17 will use a transparent palette can be the same as the other, from the palette 18 for the pallets we can put forward different from the sprite so that it reads as follows:

    In my case my Lugia sprite has 16 pallets and I added this tile which is completely different palettes, which are those used in position 18, 19, 20 and 21.

    Fifth Step

    What will I do now that I'm going to change these pallets for one of the top 16, which would change the 18 = 2 19 = 3, 20 = 3, 21 = 5.
    If you use more if the only change from the top down, so they look like:

    After that, the blades can be cut down, to be alone with the first 16, we will save as PNG.
    Step Six

    Now we must open the UNLZ, and that we must look for the box of Groudon after the RAW is to order the arrangement of the "Puzzle". Once there we put rawdump, which will save the RAW.

    Seventh Step

    Open NTME Cyclone or in my case I use NTME, already there and we loaded the RAW Puzzle.
    That what we have to do is build the design we want, but now is not the same as before.
    A) We have to Activate the palette F [16].

    Now what we will do is start the puzzle, but we must build first the paddle bearing the sprite, mine would be:

    B) Turn palette E [15]

    What remains is to put the tiles in the palette containing 17 to 32, who were the previous change.Finally would read:

    Tip: I recommend saving it with the same name.
    Step Eight

    Open UNLZ, go to the direction of Groudon, load the puzzle that is in PNG format, with the import button in my case this would be my PNG:

    Flareon's are Red,
    Vaporeon's Blue,
    Espeon is my concious,
    Umbreon is my life-style