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    Originally Posted by Raymond1035 View Post
    The legendary is Jirachi, not groundon, and wish stone as in, the town that wish stone will be needed to catch that pokemon. Go find out where Jirachi is, It's at the same town.

    For the explosion, you dont need any app. HINT-TWO BIG ROCKS , MR STONE (: !
    Ok finished the wingull quest :) Thanks
    But I went through Mr Stone's building talking to everyone in it and still nothing
    oo maybe your trying to hint that I need a pokemon that can use Explosion, like Electrode or something, and Mr Stone will give me a TM (?)
    Edit: Okay, Mr Stone wont give me anything, but before I train the Electrode to a lvl that he learns that move, I'll look in every Pokemon Center, For some weird reason I remember talking to someone thats giving it away.

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