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My opinion on that matter is that people refuse to adapt to the situation or just do so right at the end where it can pretty much screw up your entire game. Just people who have to auto-lock the likes of Varus, Ashe, Tristana etc. and force me to play the tanky role instead because I'm not auto-locking a role. I'm able to adapt to the situation, unlike other people.

Although I had one game once where I think it was Leona I was playing, and this one guy who was playing Fiddlesticks was going to lane with me, right at the last second decided to jungle. He was freaking terrible at it as well. I was well off though, but it was still kinda bad, choosing at the last second. D:

As for Akali, I really want her seeing as she's this amazing pro juker or something with her ultimate and everything. I want her, but she's a bit iffy. I mean the likes of Jax and Poppy have the same role; being a hybrid player. But I'd definitely opt for Akali if you want her. If not, just go for someone who also has energy or something like Lee Sin or Shen or someone who doesn't even rely on anything like that like Shyvana.

Speaking of Poppy, that ultimate is terrible. I came up against a smurf account on my own when I was playing mid Morgana. This Poppy's ultimate is really frustrating, being able to turret dive without taking any damage at all.
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