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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    @Machomuu: Well... unique is a pretty nice way of putting it. I'm amused that you thought it was possible to make her an 'addition' though. I mean... just think about what she did for a moment. Didn't talk. Just violently flung herself at a group of pokespirit wielders without warning or sufficient provocation. It was basically suicide. I made a point to describe that even Lucy was left bewildered and unable to understand what would possess a person to act that way.

    I guess what I was trying to get at was that the girl you guys just ended was a great deal more vicious than the average person. I mean, normally brutality and cruelty is a result of the desire to survive, but if you read Anne's NPC Boss entry, she isn't even all that great at taking a hit. It was once again... basically suicide. I won't expand on that anymore than I already have, but I will say you'll be given chances to figure out more about her down the road.
    Mkay. I'll begin working on my post now. So, in short, Amethyst is going to absorb the Haxorus.

    To prevent any unfair bunnying of Lucy, I'd have to ask. Is anyone in our group going to be opposed to Amy taking it? Because if so, you might want to wait until /after/ Yellow posts, because I'm almost certain that Lucy is going to be protecting Amethyst while she absorbs it.
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