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    Time for an update since the hoped next beta release date is coming close, it's not going to happen that soon. :P I stopped working on it as often as I was and now I'm kinda barely not even working on it. Here's what I have done and what I have left for the next beta though <3

    ~Kecleon wild encounters (might want to save your game outside of the wild zones so you don't get trapped by them, unless you have an escape rope) He's hidden and you need the Devon Scope to find him (arena rewards) and you do have to talk to him before you can battle, but he appears and it works, so yay. (There are either 5 or 10 of him and he's going to have an NPC trade as well)

    ~Arena Trainers (all 35, all 40, 45 fighting, 45 ghost)

    To Do:
    ~Kecleon, Togepi, and Smeargle trades/gifts
    ~Arena Trainers (45 poison, all 50, all 55)
    ~Arena Pokemon (all 35-55)
    ~Some Achievement Tokens
    ~Start of trainer school

    So, I'm about 1/4 of the way through the rest of the Arena and almost finished the pokemon (excluding legendaries). That was the goal for the next beta so it will most likely happen before May, but not the end of this week. I'll try to work on it at least one day a week, for a few hours straight, which will get me quite far. Adding in pokemon shouldn't take too long, since I don't really worry about balance or making the battles too difficult. Should take about an hour per match set (all level 35 arenas, for example) once I get the trainers added in.

    I'll do another update when it's been a few weeks or I'm done the trainers/some other big progress goal.
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