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    Originally Posted by classiccartoonsftw View Post
    I think you should name the new rival Stephen, since Stefano doesn't really fit in an English game. But if you're really making a Dutch translation of this game, you could name him Stefano in that translation.

    As for Wattson, when you first fight him, he should have an Elekid or an Electabuzz, because an Electivire would be too much early in the game.

    How about gym leader rematches? Then you can give Wattson an Electivire, and Flannery a Magmortar.
    Gym leader rematches are great, but i think i won´t mkae them too large likes they did in emerald.
    I think I will keep the name stefano, so you can see he is not from here but from sinnoh.

    I already want to skip the truck thing, It´s the only thing i hate from RSE.

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    Wallace/Juan, which ever will be the 8th gym.
    They use Ice/Water type Pokemon. Maybe a smoochum(Or higher) can go there?
    great ideas, but I want to make smoochum catchable. But i dont know where