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    Originally Posted by Azurus View Post
    Something that isn't really important but I will mention anyway, you have several instances of misspellings some of which are correct the next time you write it. Like Defense and Defence or Mystery Berry and Mystrey Berry. Wyvern Crunch is Wyren Crunch. There are many others, and it's not game breaking, but it does kinda kill the polished feel to it.

    Also, I cannot equip the moonstone, is that only for Nidorino like it says in the description? I have Nidorina and it shows up in my inventory but it is un-equippable on any slot. (I got it from a rank A prize, so it may not be implemented.)
    fixed those spelling errors. tell if you find any more.

    as for the moonstone, I forgot to activate it for some of the newly added Pokemon. fixed for next update.

    Originally Posted by rajvir View Post
    Alright glad to know friendship evolution's are no longer in the game.
    As for Limit break I can understand it being removed but can you later make it so our Pokemon don't appear to get Limit's.
    Because being told your Pokemon has one and than not being able to use it..... well it is disappointing.

    Glad to know there's no limit's to attack ups since I use any I can get from refining.
    Also when I get home I will check out the Pidgeotto thing.
    I think all in game references to limit breaks are gone. limit mode I'd all that remains.

    currently working on Jasmine's gym. making gyms is really easy when you already have all the Pokemon you need databased.
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