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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Hey, I was thinking about having some kind of professions that the players could go about doing besides training, to make the world seem more alive. I didn't include them in the final thread, but I think maybe I'd want to implement them anyways. It would be stuff like:

Breeder (taking other people's pokémon in and watching over them until they produce an egg MAGICALLY OK no adult stuff it's a game u know. Only breeders can make pokémon produce eggs. This sounds so obscene. But it isn't)
Tutor (like a daycare on the move, training other people's pokémon for money. Tutors could teach pokémon moves they don't naturally have in their level-up moves list)
Crafter (crafting evolution items from parts, for money. They can find items out in routes, that no one else can find)
Chemist (gathering berries and plants to make potions for selling. Probably only chemists would be able to find and pick berries if this was a profession)
Angler (the only ones who can use the Super Rod and they will catch rarer pokémon with the Good Rod than others will. People can pay them to capture water types for them, or trade other pokémon for the angler's caught ones)

And you could suggest professions to me and I could include them in the RP if they sound alright.
I really like this idea, it'll make the game a fair bit more interesting especially with player interactions. Pherhaps something like a TM Manufacturer or Safari Hunter or Treasure Hunter for more jobs...? Fossil Hunter? Researcher? Berry Farmer? I'm not certain what some of them would do, but just some ideas if you wanted more paha.
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