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    Calvin Bastion

    Kyle right after running into Calvin began talking. Most of it blew by his head other than something about a place called Dead Forest and disappearances. Right away Calvin got interested having nothing else to do this could be a good thing to pass time. Calvin just had one problem, he had no clue where this place was. He knew it was obviously somewhere in the forest but where in the forest was what he didn't know. With that being the only thing in Calvin's mind he took off towards the forest hoping that he could maybe bump into Kyle on his way there.
    Calvin walked through the grassy plains only to see the Pokemon running around looking completely happy but there was this one Pokemon, a Tauros. It looked extremely mad and fatigue at the same time. Calvin wondered what was wrong with the Pokemon as it just seemed mad. Then Calvin saw it, a spark of electricity go around the Tauros indicating it was paralyzed. Calvin wondered if Kyle did this or somebody else. He didn't think any of his Pokemon knew electric moves so how could it be paralyzed by Kyle. Without any more time to think the Tauros began charging Calvin. Calvin's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. The Tarous ran at full speed towards Calvin.
    Calvin stood still as a statue while the Taruos closed in on Calvin. The Tarous closed in as soon as it got within five feet of Calvin it was stopped by paralysis. Calvin laughed at the Tarous as if he knew that would happen only to walk away while the Tarous was still standing in the exact same spot cringing in pain.
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