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    Sammy Cooper

    "Alright, great work Shuppet!"

    Sammy continued to move around the battlefield, avoiding the stray bubbles from Len's confusion, Cubone dancing by her side. He seemed to be becoming more adept at the footwork as time went on, and was regaining some measure of cheer and excitement in the battle. The success of the Confuse Ray had been vital if they were to have any chance of beating Mark, it was clear that Len was a very well trained and powerful pokemon. Normally at this point in the battle she would probably take advantage of Len's confused state to have Shuppet use Screech and then Knock Off... but this exercise was really more focused towards ranged attacks.

    "Shuppet, use Nightshade next!"

    The shifting colours of Shuppet's eyes settled on a sinister red before twin beams shot from them, jagged zig-zagging lasers that were red outlined in a dark purple. If they could whittle Len down bit by bit then they might just have a chance.
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