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    Thyme rolled her eyes and leapt to Valorie's should and sat down. Now, how many shoulder riding snivies could there possibly be in Oak Academy? How many snivies did Valorie know? Come on girl, the answer is right in front of you! Thyme shook her head and patted Valorie's cheek. Humans... Definitely not the brightest creatures. And yet they were the ones in power. Go figure. She looked at Valorie. Yes, she respected Valorie enough to listen to her... Possibly. If Thyme saw a better move she would of course ignore Valorie's orders. Assuming the girl even had the nerve to try and use her in battle.

    "Let's go. Or you will be late." she said in an authoritative tone. Gosh, how very much that reminded her of her own trainer. Why Thyme didn't just take Val's pen and write the message was beyond her. Maybe it was because she was testing to see how well Valorie could communicate with a pokemon not her own? Would could fathom that little snake's mind.
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