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    • Samurott, and in fact his entire evolution line. Evolves from an adorable little ball of fluff and a otter ninja to a gigantic four-legged samurai with swords attached to its legs. Is amazing in battle with good stats.
    • Emboar. More original in one breath then in Infernape's entire monkey body. Wrestling pig! Wrestling pig! Two words that totally belong together! Great design and toleratable stats, and is also very versatile.
    • Hydreigon. Three headed Dragon type with awesome origin, uncontrollable rage and powerful attacks along with great stats. It takes a while to get one, but it's worth it.
    • Vanilluxe. Take something as stupid as ice cream and turns it into a defensive Ice type. An Ice type with Acid Armor is something deserving of worship! Great stats, better then that ragtag Glaceon and packs a lot of punch with that Ice Beam.
    • Leavanny. Two four time weaknesses? Whatever. Stats overwhelm that. Leaf Blade everything in your path!
    • Scrafty. He's just bad. Look at that hood! Look at those pants and that Mohawk! You've got something to deal with. Versatile and stunning. Use it!
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