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    Most memorable would probably be when I made 90 starter Pokemon eggs on Black, randomized them in their boxes, and traded them away at Pokemon Regionals Tournament that year. I remember a bunch of the kids I traded them to running up to me all happy-like showing me which starter they got from their egg throughout the day ^^
    I still have a fairly large amount of those eggs remaining, too. But they're random.

    Via Wonder Trade I traded like a lvl2 Caterpie or something for a female Pichu holding a Light Ball and knew Volt Tackle. Man, that made me happy ^^

    Least memorable I think I was trying to get a Deoxys via GTS but needed a Rotom for it and traded away a Regigigas for one only to discover that the Deoxys I wanted was no longer there. Thinking about these terrible mistakes I made back when I started kinda hurts >.<
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