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What's going on in Pokemon General?

Hey guys! For those that didn't know, I've started a new series called "What would you do?" In Pokemon General! These are basically discussion threads where you would discuss the scenario given to you by the OP. These kinds of discussion thread encourages you to put yourself in that particular situation, and sometimes the choices may not be easy to make! What would you do, PC?

Okay, that sounds cool! What are some threads I can look at?

Sure! Here are some past WWYD scenarios for you to look at, and you can even post in them, if you'd like!

Scenario I - What an ill-timed shiny Pokemon encounter!
Scenario II - Do you trust them?
Scenario III - suddenly real
Scenario IV - Glory, or not?
Scenario V - Peaceful Explorer?
Scenario VI - Gyms or Contests?
Scenario VII - A Precarious Decision!
Scenario VIII - An Act of Betrayal

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