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16 // Male // 5'7" // Athletic

A sensitive soul, who does his absolute best to keep those around him happy. He cant stand to see a sad face or to have to plod through any kind of social tension, so he keeps an armour of lightheartedness on him everywhere he goes. Everything can be made into a joke, and to Logan that's usually a gateway to the solution. His world view is strikingly black and white: happy is good, sad is bad, strong is are leaders, weak are followers - rarely is there any kind of in between for him. Growing up in poverty, he has a tendency to view those in power as 'bad guys', simply because of their status. He carries his disdain for the wealthy like a Robin Hood esque vendetta. Those who overlook the less fortunate, are just as bad to him as those who would kick or ridicule them.

Erratic and impulsive in nature, Logan is a true live-wire in almost every sense of the word. He acts almost purely on instinct and emotion, making him very volatile. Logan is very prone to fits of ecstatic glee, and even despondent melancholy, though he prefers to hide his down periods from those around him.

Growing up without a family, Logan was never blessed with the luxury of a formal education. He isn't particularly smart. While his street smarts and his good instincts can often shine through, he doesn't excel at math, language or science in ways that those around him will. He's lead a simple life, and hasn't experienced many of the things that others may see as commonplace. Despite all that though, he's proud of his background, and carries great pride in what he's been through in spite of his desire to change his fortune.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Street Smarts
Logan knows how to get around. Shortcuts - the ins and outs and infrastructure of cities - is something he's very familiar with. Growing up, he had to be. He was never the toughest in the gang, or the smartest. It was his speed, and knack for finding a convenient spot that usually kept him alive. Beyond that, he's a relatively good judge of character. While he can at times be too accommodating, he's more often quick to keep someone at arms length if he gets a bad vibe.

+ Eager
Logan is always willing to dive head first in any new challenge. He's intelligently cautious, but regardless of the danger or threat he'll always put his best foot forward. If he's checking the heat on a campfire, he'll get just close enough to singe a finger before backing away. Having had nothing to lose his entire life, he only knows risk taking.

+ Reliable
Logan has a knack for sensing a problem. You can usually count on him to be in the right place at the right time or to make the most diplomatic decision. While he's rarely seen as 'the brains' of any group, he's very good at being a shoulder to cry on. His honour code is easy to understand, which makes him easy to predict in a bad situation. For many, that can be comforting.

+ Nimble
Speed, agility, stamina. Logan can run. It's something you pick up on when you're running from police, enemy gang members or dangerous Pokemon you've ignorantly ticked off.

- Over protective
A desire to please that extends far beyond wanting to help his friends. Logan often takes it upon himself to lead, even when he isn't the most suitable for the job. He sees it as his duty to ensure those around him are safe. Even in battle, he's over keen to withdraw or forfeit, rather than let his Pokemon take a big hit.

- Maverick
He's convinced himself that he works well with others. He doesn't. While the concept of working with a team gets him excited, he simply doesnt know how to execute it. He's inept at sharing, turn taking, providing feedback and accommodating others into plans. Gang life rarely called for any of the above.

- Self-destructive
The boy doesn't know when to quit. He's driven, but too much drive can often leave you crashing time and time again. This is the seemingly endless cycle of Logan. Doubters only fuel his flame more, leading him to try again and again until he's successful.

- Lowbrow
There's no point sugarcoating it. Logan isn't smart. The boy is no scholar, and he isn't good at hiding it. Not only has he not been formally taught, the majority of what he has been taught is criminally misinformed. Where does the snow come from? According to Logan's brother in his gang, snow is the result of the sun having dandruff.

Logan has never been a part of a stable household. His own parents are incapable of looking after him, he couldn't function in the care system and his adopted parents were quick to realise they couldn't handle a problem child of Logan's temperament. Growing up, he was a trouble maker who got a kick out of teasing, pulling practical jokes and defiance. While his antics remained relatively harmless, they were incessant and uncontrollable. He fell out of home after home, until he simply didn't have one anymore.

Logan was homeless from the age of eleven, and it was then, that he joined his gang. Even back then, Logan could tell that they weren't great people, but they took him in, and gave him a home. For the first time, he felt part of something.

Things weren't always rosy in his gang years though. He was still a child, and he still enjoyed his pranks, games and jokes. Only now, he was part of a family that no longer saw him as an innocent child. They had no sympathy for his youth, and took to beating the jokes and games out of him whenever they saw fit. Once again, Logan was part of a family that ostracised him for his pranks and his games. Only this time, he stayed. Even with the beatings, the good times were better than they'd ever been in care or in foster homes. Slowly but surely, the gang became home.

It wasn't until he turned fourteen, that his interest in the training of Pokemon started to really blossom. Marred with wounds that left him hospitalised, Logan received no visits from any of the gang. Rumours had began to circulate that Logan had snitched, and his suspicious protection by the services only served validate those suspicions. Once again, Logan was alone. Or so he thought.

Logan hasnt really given himself a goal yet. He has always strived to improve the quality of his life, but he hasnt really thought too much about what he'll do once he gets there. Perhaps just having something will be enough for him.

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