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    Never mind, I have less a chance, but I will submit it again anyway.
    Name: Joseph Yew
    Age: 15
    Goal: to become a pokémon professor, and eventually to complete the pokédex
    Appearance: Joseph is five foot nine, with a deep tan from the long hours spent in the sun. His eyes are a shade of hazel. His body is lanky and tall. His hair is a brownish-black. His usual apparel is a red cap with a Pokemon breeder logo on it, a green tee-shirt and Kakis. His shoes (he only has one pair) are steel toed boots with tanned leather.
    Personality: Joseph has always been a researcher. When he was six he was already wandering out into the woods looking for Pokemon only to check a pidgey's wingspan.(two feet six inches fyi)
    . He is intelligent, although sometimes a little overbearing. He was top of his class in the pokéschool and was often picked on for his superior intellect. Joseph, for sake of an ironic joke with one of his friends, prefers to be called joe. He was quite literally raised in a barn. His parents drowned in the s.s. Wailord when is rammed a rock and sank into the sea. He was adopted by a pokémon breeder who mainly raised Pokemon children generally begin their journeys with. he was eight years old, he found a pokedex in the woods picked it up and walked away with it. He is also sneaky, and has been known to steal things and then give them back before people realize they are gone. He NEVER stole anything and didn't give it back.
    He invented a pokéball that allowed a pokémon trainer to enter when a Pokemon was inside of it. He calls it the warp ball. He lives in oreburgh, and was taught many things by prof. Rowan when he visited sandgem. He has an irrational fear of pecha berries, and Ice cream. When he was ten he found pikachu in the forest half-dead, and helped it grow back to health. In time the pikachu found his warp ball and, in a curious manner, accidentally caught itself.
    Starter: Pikachu
    Ability: lightning rod
    Moveset: tackle, volt tackle, leer, iron tail, thunderbolt
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