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Red, welcome aboard! You have been accepted!

@CarefulWetPaint, While I adore the hilarity and imagination, her 'magical powers' could become very broad and rather OP as well as the fact that "magic" and "supernatural abilities" are pretty much synonymous. I would say stay away from magic, but if you wish to continue with the "magical girl" idea, you could make the abilities less broad.

Alright kiddies, now that we have six people, we'll start the RP in a couple of days. Fear not, for the Sign-Ups will still be open and you will still be able to join.

Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
Why you do this to me, Ichiro?! Reviving this now, after I decide I only want to be in one roleplay because I'm stupid like that. How inconsiderate of you!
xD Lol
. . . I love how the new theme is Angels and Airwaves . . . did Skymin put you up to this? |3
Edit: I've been tricked! I forgot the original thread looked like that. . . . Just ignore me. >.>;

I don't know what to do now . . . I could . . . but . . . um . . . ASDFGHHJKL:
Edit: I'd join, but I feel like I'd . . . suck. >.>;
Dude, you should join us. It's not all about massive SU's, we're open to people with varying degrees of writing abilities.
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