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The Shiny Numel

We went up to the Fiery Path to hunt for a Shiny Numel, careful not to miss one due to it's very pale palette.

We stopped after a while of nothing, and picked it back a few days after.
About 150 hordes in, Graine finds a Shiny Koffing. We stop shortly after that, finding no Numel. After working hard on our Halloween costumes, we finally pick the game back up to try again.

Graine: Some Numel will be caught tonight, I know this
We boot the game and I do my first Sweet Scent. Graine picks up his console, do his first Sweet Scent slightly late, and put down the console to text his mom. Annoyed, I pick his console to continue on both so I don't have an unfair advantage. I look at it just in time to see the little stars. My jaw drops. He takes the console back.
Graine: Now I'll go catch my Shiny Numel, thank you very much.
Soapy: The FIRST horde?! Are you kidding me?!

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