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    Originally Posted by mapsal313 View Post
    That's great news, Nerketur! And don't worry, everyone gets busy with school/work, no need to apologize.

    Now, about suggestions. I think it would be great if it could edit things like the bosses of the dungeons, story-obtained items, and so on.

    And why not, the dungeons themselves... No wait, that should be a seperate tool...

    Ok, disregard that last... Anyway, it would also be awsome if it could do things like adding more story afte the point where the story ends. Yeah, I know it's gonna be LOTS of work...

    Whatever you do though, keep it up!
    I would adore being able to edit the bosses. If I find out where that info is stored, I will certainly add it to my tool. Might even do a whole plugin idea thing, too. =D.

    Key items... are more cutscenes. So that can mostly already be done. Two examples of this are your partner's "Relic Fragment" and Bidoof's "Stash of money" "Key items" are never checked for in-game, because they are only ever used in cutscenes. Though, there ARE items that are checked, like the unown stones. Do you mean like that? That would be theoretically possible. Also, there are ways to check how many of a certain item you have. So, you can theoretically create someone that does different things depending on how many Oran berries you have.

    As for adding more story... that's easily done. (Once unionall.ssb is figured out.) Unionall.ssb holds EVERYTHING storywise in the entire game, including saving and loading. Even the title sequence. So, it is certainly possible to add more. (sky already did, in fact)
    It can already be done with my tool, if you understand the passing control system, which I do not just yet. I'm now just making the program better, and easier to use =D
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