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    Wyatt Wyvern (Raikou Dorm)
    Raikou Dorm --> Room 94
    As Wyatt unlocked the door to his room, the soreness in his leg reminded him to rush so he could lay down for a bit. He swung his room door wide open with little hesitation. He changed out of his clothes into a t-shirt and some PJ pants. He threw his jacket on top of the chair that resided in the other side of the room and he hopped on the bed and relax his limbs and he sunk into his mattress with a sigh of relief. He had forgotten to close the door but it didn't bother him one bit as his eyes fogged up and he became one step closer to slumber. Without delay, Wyatt soon was sprawled across his bed in a deep, dreamless sleep.When he awoke he slipped on some pants and his jacket and wandered off onto the beach, maybe to battle some wild pokemon and maybe even meet a new trainer. Wyatt walked out of Room 94 with a drowsy look and and before his closed his door he paused, slightly reluctant to leave and partially wanting to go back to sleep but he was determined to become a better trainer to prove his family in Goldenrod wrong. He wasn't just some idiot who had gotten lucky to have made it to his academy and no one was going to stop him from demonstrating his abilities.

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