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    Sign Ups Closed For Now

    Yo, my name is Jacob. Don’t ask me to tell you my last name, where I live, or even my middle name. If I want to live to see tomorrow by my own actions, and not as a slave to some parasite, I can’t tell you anything else about me. There are a few things I can tell you, like my recent history, though that would take too long and I really don’t want to relive most of it. The thing I can and will tell you is how much danger the planet earth and all of its inhabitants are in. First off, how many of you believe in aliens. Most likely some of you will say you do, and some of you will say that you think it would be cool if they did exist. Well, I’m here to tell you that we are so not alone. And I mean on this very planet. There are aliens among us, and there invading us right this very second. Now you all think I’m crazy, right? You’re probably thinking “If there are aliens among us, why haven’t I seen any?” Well the answer is that they are inside of most of us. Now you defiantly think that I’m crazy right? Oh man. Now it’s time for the most dreaded part. I must give it all away. You must understand, by telling you this I am risking the lives of my best friends, as well as the entire planet. The earth is being invaded by a parasitic race of slug-like creatures called Yeerks. They are no bigger then your thumb, and have enslaved half the galaxy. Though they may have enslaved a lot of races, you most likely will only see two maybe of them. The first race they enslaved was a barely intelligent race on there home planet called the Gedds. Even I don’t know what they look like. All I know is that they are not a real threat. The next race, and the most powerful one on this planet are the Hork-Bajir. They are seven feet tall, really strong, and super dangerous without any of the yeerk’s technology. The last race you are likely to see are called Taxxons. These things are ten feet long and cannibalistic. They live with this never ending hunger that forces them to eat any thing they can get there mouth on. Even dirt or trash. The Yeerks probably have hundreds of more hosts on hundreds of more planets. And most humans don’t even know of their existence. The only ones that know are their human hosts, and my friends. My friends and I have technically created a Yeerk resistance movement. The only problem is, it’s secret, needs to stay secret. And there are only seven of us. Our group consists of Jake, our fearless leader, Cassie, the tree hugging warrior, Rachel, basically our heavy artillery, Marco, the sarcastic and sometimes funny warrior, Tobais, the first casualty, and Ax, our own Andalite friend. And now me. The reason they made me an Animorph is to go out to a location where the Yeerk presence is not as powerful and make new members. That’s what I am doing, I am finding new Animorphs. Now let me tell you what you get for becoming an Animorph. First the perks. The biggest one is being able to morph in to any animal you can touch, feeling all the power of an elephant, all the grace of a cat, and all the freedom of a bird. There are a few down sides to morphing. The first one is the two hour time limit. If you stay in morph for more than two hours, you stay in morph forever. You can never morph again. Do you rember when I told you about Tobais? The first casualty? He got stuck in a Red-tailed Hawk morph. He got the ability to morph back, through a series of events that I won’t tell you about now. I will just tell you that I know it will never happen again. According to the others (I wasn't around during this) they tried to make more animorphs once, but it didn't turn out very good. He almost killed most of them, and is now stuck as a rat for the rest of his life. The other is the horrible nightmares some morphs can cause. Most insect morphs can haunt you for the rest of your life. Now I’ve gone on too long. My question to you is, will you join?

    Warning: there will be some bloody fights.

    1) No controlling others character with out their permission
    2) Normal PC rules
    3) No Goddmoding(not that it’s really possible)
    4) No complaining, about anything
    5) No dinosaur morphs
    6) Only one character per player.
    7) Tell me before you decide to disappere

    Sign Up sheet:

    Name: (I discourge people from using middle and last names)
    Age: (nothing above 17 or below 12)
    Apperence: (when you are doing normal stuff, which won't be very often)
    Morphing outfit: (we can’t morph anything but skin tight stuff)
    Preferred Battle Morph: (this is what you will go in to battle with most of the time)
    Preferred Spy Morph: (this is usually a bug of some sort)
    Preferred Bird Morph: (should be a bird that is able to fly fast, and/or can fly for a long time)
    Preferred Aquatic morph: (for ocean missions)
    Other: (random crap about your character)





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