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    ( One problem. Even after morphing and turning back Jacob's shoulder would still be broke. Because it was his original body. Tobias tried that and failed in Megamorphs 3. lol)

    Reina still couldn't believe neither what she had seen nor heard. It was just too much. So much so it had to be some sort of strange dream.

    Boys didn't just turn into animals.

    Sure some of them already were animals, but that was different.

    "Reina, you home?" Nathan called from the kitchen.

    "Yea, where's Dereck?" Reina answered deciding to grab a bite to eat before heading upstairs to her room to think.

    "He went to that group thing....what was it?" Nathan thought it over. "The sharing I remember."

    "Oh." Reina answered. He'd been going there a lot recently, and had tried and failed to convince Nathan to join. "I'll be in my room. Don't bother me."

    Nathan grinned. "Sure squirt."

    Reina flopped down on her bed and put her headphones in, deciding some rock was what she needed.

    What should I do?

    She suddenly glanced around self concious. He said he'd know if she told anyone.... Was he watching her now?

    She jerked the headphones from her ears and quickly closed her blinds and sat back on her bed with a huff. Maybe he was some kind of pervert and all of this was a hoex.

    But I heard his voice in my head, I didn't imagine that. I'm sure of it.

    Without really thinking about it she knew she'd be there the next day. Wheather anyone else showed or not. Something about it just felt too real somehow.

    With a sigh Reina collapsed onto her bed and switched off her lamp, not even bothering to change into her pj's.
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