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    Recruiting Ambient Chair Members (ACM)!

    Team Name: Team Ambient
    Team Leader: SereneAmbience
    Current Members:
    Principals: (Chair Members that have contributed much time and thought towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)
    SereneAmbience (Director/Story Author/Mapper/Artwork & Pixel Artist/Event Engineer) [TextFree #: 1(541)414-2244]
    elarmasecreta (Move Effect Engineer) [TextFree #: 3(162)955-5568]
    Fire Flyy (Logo Artist)
    Rayziken 2 (Mapper)
    Silversnk (Español Translator)
    Fenne-kun (Vice-Director of PC/Composer)
    AlmightyArceus (Composer) [TextFree #: 1(562)743-9487]
    lala19357 (Composer) [TextFree #: 1(307)363-1070]
    LugiaDialga (Composer)
    TheLegendary35 (Composer) [TextFree #: [email protected]]
    OmegaDrapion (Graphic Artist)
    darkrown (Graphic Artist)
    Hnturs12! (Composer)

    Supporters: (Chair Members that have supported immensely towards the success of Pokémon Ambient)
    Saving Raven

    Game Title: Pokémon Ambient version
    Progress: In construction of main ideas, location, music, plot, and structure of character identities.
    Position Request: Spriters (Tiles/Maps/Sprite), Composers, Essential/RMxP Scripters, Engineers, and Supporters (hardcore dedicators)
    Timezone: Preferred Any!
    Method of Contact: Private messaging SereneAmbience or send an e-mail to "[email protected]".
    PokéCommunity Thread [click here],Official Google Sites [click here], Facebook Page [click here], Twitter [click here], and DeviantArt Group [click here]!

    An example of a few screenshots taken from in-game. These are temporary graphics + tiles. As development continues and expands, better visual effects will be presented.

    Additional Information: We are currently in the process of creating a team with the passion, knowledge, and commitment to create the game of Pokémon Ambient. A game that will utilize the concept of tropically-adapted Pokémon, such as the Orange Archipelago's tropic Pokémon and other type of differently formed Pokémon. These Pokémon will strive in a uniquely native set of islands that are popular tourist destinations, the region of Serene. We are truly looking for workers that love to dream BIG!!!
    All those who join/distribute will become honorary Ambient Chair Member (ACM). Each member will be given a Chair Member trainer with their name in-game with their favorite team of Pokémon, an appreciation in the game credits and on the official website, and appear in the Standing Skyscraper in Silk City as a NPC attending a board meeting.

    Google Site______Pokémon Ambient______DeviantArt
    "To Bring Peace to the Islands of Serene”__Twitter

    Skype Username: Lord_Ambient
    Email: [email protected]