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Name:Ryan Willarums


Age: 14

Species: Snover

Team: Woodland Wanderers

Title: Member, Camouflage artist.

Appearance: A average Snover, except for the fact his fur-hat is grey.

Personality: Ryan is a calm and relaxed, almost half-awake at times, and he is often caught day-dreaming. He enjoys his powers as a grass-type, as they help him with his favourite interest: plants and nature. He often underestimates tasks and missions, not due to arrogance, but due to his laziness and relaxed habit of doing things. He is quite slow, so he prefers to hide instead of escaping. Sometimes gets annoyed at himself for being so weak to fire types (super-effective on ice and grass).

History: Ryan was born to a travelling tribe of Snovers and Abomasnows, on a cold side of Securis Volcano. He enjoyed his time in the mountains, and at younger age, never thought he would leave them. He soon would. He had often been told of one legend concerning an Abomasnow living in the hotter parts of the volcano, as it had been banished from the tribe years ago. For any other member of the tribe, banishment was unthinkable. The Pokemon had survived, though, and was often seen by members of the local explorer team.

As he grew to the age of 14, the young Snover thought he would give it a go. In the middle of the night, he ran from his tribe's camp base and into the shaggy rocks of the Securis Volcano. After days of searching, on a rock he was climbing on, he slipped. He was saved at the last moment by no other than the Lonely Abomasnow. Apparently the 140-year old Pokemon was dying. It had no offspring, nobody to witness its final moments. Nobody but Ryan. The massive creature led him into a cave, lied on the ground, and firmly holding his hand, used Giga Drain on itself into him.

When Ryan came back to his senses, he felt different. he felt much stronger, and the heat that was making his fur fall off was now not so bad.It was then he realised what the pokemon had done to him. The lonely Abomasnow was dead, and had passed on all its powers and wisdom to him. He paid his last respects and buried the Pokemon in the cave.

Level: 31

  • Powder Snow
  • Hail
  • Wood Hammer
  • Avalanche
  • Double Team

Well that was fun to write.
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