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    Eh, when I say that I consider all possibilities, that's one of them. . .
    And even if I did believe that she was lying, I would still investigate. Under the possibility that she was lying, what would cause her to publicly say that she was raped, if such wasn't the case? What could make her willing to? Innocence in one regard doesn't mean innocence regardless.

    Personally I take those with a grain of salt. I'm sure that they are mostly accurate, but under the possibility. . .

    Yes, thank you! Intelligently written, and most agreeable.
    The omnipresent psychological strain, and the shame that results from being raped is a prefectly valid point. From said stress, both emotional and mental, you can easily infer a large amount of unreported cases, albeit, not a percentage, but a large number, regardless. Much better standing for intelligent perception.
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