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    Originally Posted by Pokemon_Geek View Post
    I haven't seen the episodes, but I knew they were going to bring Dawn back for a mini arc. It's become a tradition since they got rid of Misty, but I'm surprised that she got so many compared to the other two and gives off the impression of favortism that I know would rub a lot of people the wrong way. I know on TV Tropes(I don't have an account there, I just read the pages to see what's happening with shows and/or fanbases without getting involved in the "bloodshed") there are already people wanting to accuse Dawn(and Iris) of being a "Wesley Crusher" type of character(google Star Trek: The Next Generation if you're confused on who I'm talking about).
    Dawn only stayed for 7 episodes, which is only a few more than the past girls got. Remember, Piplup is highly marketable in Japan, its the popularity of the pokemon more than Dawn herself which is why she stayed slightly longer.

    Overall I feel she had the worst cameo of the 3, if only because she really didn't do much upon her return and lost early in the tournament. She was basically treated poorly in order for the writers to glorify Iris and her Dragonite.
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