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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    That's something I never considered before. Maybe this'd make up the final gym and determine the order of gyms (meaning it'll end on Flying - something new!)
    Ehhh...there really isn't a set order of release in that case. If by Pokedex, then we'd have a Water Gym first right? That makes choosing the Fire starter a horrible idea as you have the disadvantage again, and there is no guarantee we'll get Pokemon with type advantage before said gym. It would also mean that around the city there will be Water Pokemon making it hard to train the Fire starter.

    Same if its an Electric Gym first with the Water Starter. A lot of the time, there is an area either before or after the first Gym with that Gym's type. A possibility of a Flying Gym ending the region is also kinda a let down. Flying type Gyms are pathetically easy. It would most likely be a repeat performance of Marlon with a Gym that's easy to OHKO before the E4. In reverse, it being a Normal or Dragon Gym would also be pretty boring. Dragon because of how many times its been done, and Normal...well Whitney and Norman were OP beyond reason. Don't really see how they'd be able to not OP a Normal Gym especially if its the final Gym without making it easy enough you can solo the gym.

    Its a cool idea, but they Types for Eevee don't really make a good Gym set up.

    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    Nah Syl doesn't really mean silver - if it were steel it'd be more Silv, and not y. The y just kinda of throws it off!
    Considering Pokemon tend to replace part of a word to keep the same pronunciation but a different spelling, its actually possible that the Sylv is for Silver as we already say its for Sylph despite the "ph" becoming a "v", though I agree that its not Steel type. All Steel Types look metallic in some way. I still think its Normal type based on looks alone.

    EDIT: Just found the "weakness chart" that everyone has been posting to say that Sylveon is Flying type on Tumblr, but this one is based on NVE/NE. I was someone flipped the coin on the discussion XD

    They even go as far as to compare Sylveon to Iris' B2W2 clothing XD

    Man all this shows is how everyone is overthinking this entire ordeal.

    Also found an appropriate picture to sum my thoughts on Sylveon's Type discussion