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    I think Bug is likely because it has large eyes and the eyes are very developed in most bugs.

    I don't think it will be Flying. All of the current Flying-type Pokémon have appendages which are developed for flight, except for Gyarados, which is Flying-type because of the legend of the carp. Even a few bizarre Flying-type Pokémon like Mantine and Tropius have appendages which they utilize to fly or glide.

    Sylveon? Doesn't look like it. Those ribbons don't look like they can keep it above the ground. To be able to fly, it needs to at least be able to take off. It can't flap its ribbons as if they were wings, so the most it could do is glide if it's carried by the wind, but that's not enough to classify it as a Flying-type. There are several winged Pokémon which aren't Flying-type (mostly Bugs such as Beedrill, Venomoth and Volcarona), so why would something which doesn't even have wings and doesn't look capable of flight be able to fly?

    I also don't think it will be a Normal-type. The whole point of Eevee evolution is to adapt to its surroundings. A Normal-type eeveelution would just be a bigger Eevee. The changes in Sylveon are too drastic for it to keep its Normal-type. The only way it could be Normal-type is if it was like Arceus and had an ability like Multitype, to stay true to the lore of the Pokémon.

    Therefore my current vote is Bug-type.

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