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    FireRed-Chamander, you get to learn that exta special move *hint hint* and its evolved form can learn fly.
    Leafgreen-Bulbasaur, you learn that move *cough cough* and its generally a good powerhouse.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Any starter in those two versions are good of course~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ruby-Alright, lets face it. In these three generations the creaters seemed heavily biased XD poor fire-types. In Ruby Treeko and Mudkip would be good against Team Magma. Torchic (fav) would do well....fine I guess.
    Sapphire-Again Treeko, would own this game against Team Aqua and Wallace. Torchic would own Steven tho...
    Emerald- Treeko, again. My baby Torchic wouldnt have a chance! *runs around screaming and crying* Fire would die against Juan and Wallace. Beware!
    ______________--If you wanna break the rules--_________________________________________________________________
    For all games I always use Blaziken, Eevee, Espeon, and Ninetails. So that would be Torchic, Eevee, Eevee, and Vulpix. Blaziken does good against all them crazy bugs, grass, steel types and the general population of pokemon. Espeon is good against almost EVERYTHING and Eevee is a neutral HM-slave :) Ninetails is just cool to have along with you during the journey XP
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